News: Plies Defends New Album Title, "Kids In The Suburbs Could Have Goon Friends"

Friday, Aug 7, 2009 4:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Plies recently spoke on his forthcoming Goon Affiliated album title and explained why the name is fitting for fans across the nation.

While keeping details of the project's content limited to two songs called "First 48" and "Becky," the rapper explained his album title's universal appeal.

"Goon Affiliated, I had the pleasure of having my brother home for this album," Plies said in an interview. "He actually came up with the title of this album. The three previous albums, 'real' was incorporated into the album title. For me, we felt Goon Affiliated wasn't too gangsta, wasn't too soft. It was right in the middle. Kids in the suburbs could have goon friends and be goon affiliated. You could be a street cat and not call yourself a 'goon' but have goon homeboys and be goon affiliated. Or you could be a goon and be goon affiliated. It's a whole diverse situation for me." (MTV)

Plies previously spoke with SOHH about his view on lyricism within the rap game and the importance of his last album's title, Da REAList.

"A lot of people that follow me from my core audience, from my mixtape days up until now has always kinda categorized me as the realest in their opinion," he said. "It was kinda my salute back to all my core audience who followed me for so many years...Not knocking any of the lyrical artists in the industry but what does that really mean? That means you're articulate. I think it means you're clever but to me I think to be those things -- I don't want to call you a liar but you have to be unrealistic to a certain extent. You can't find a dude that's great with words that it's one hundred percent truthful as well." (SOHH)

Aside from music, he spoke on launching his own "goonette" search earlier this year.

"Anytime you see me in front of the camera you know I got some breaking news for ya," Plies said in an April MySpace video. "So what I want to bring to you right now is to introduce to you my TV series, brah, that's on its way real real soon...I'm finding people that's interested in me enough that I can get them the stamp of approval and label 'em a goonette. For y'all that don't know what a goonette is, it's a female that's strong, independent female who fights through her trials and's a female hustler. (MySpace)

His claim to fame stemmed from the 2007 release of The Real Testament.

Signed to Slip-N-Slide in 2004 after recording his first track, "Tell Dem Krackers Dat," the Ft. Myers, FL-based Plies built anticipation for his official debut album with a couple mixtape releases, along with an appearance on Trina's "So Fresh." He found some trouble when, during a performance at a Gainesville nightclub on July 2, 2006, an argument about set length escalated into gunfire. Two members of his entourage were convicted of attempted murder, while Plies and a third associate were charged with illegal possession of concealed weapons. Originally a featured MC on Akon's "I Wanna Love You," Plies was replaced by Snoop Dogg, quite possibly due to the altercation. His debut album, The Real Testament, which featured the single "Shawty," was set to be released in August 2007. (All Music)

A release date for Goon Affiliated has not yet been announced.

Check out a Plies interview from earlier this year below:

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