News: Method Man's Fans Rally Against Pellet Gun Accusations, "Who Knows What Really Went Down?"

Sunday, Aug 9, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Some of Method Man's fans have decided to continue their support for the rapper in light of recent accusations that he shot a female fan with a pellet gun.

While Mef has yet to respond to the claims, the Wu-Tang Clan frontman's fans are standing by his side.

Rosland Verge is more than your typical rap fan. "Hard core fans, hard core fans," said Verge. So when she heard about the lawsuit against the rapper known as Method Man, she found it unbelievable. "No, it's untrue. It's untrue," said Verge. "Who knows what it really went down, not until we hear from the judge then we'll know what's going on," said DJ Lucky. Fan Mucho Martinez agreed. "Until there is a court and jury says he was guilty, then I will have an opinion on that specific issue. Until now I'm here and still a fan," Martinez said. (ABC News)

Footage of the rapper speaking on a past pellet gun shooting landed online last week in which he admits to accidentally shooting his friend.

"I shot one of my people in the leg with a f*cking BB," he said in a May 2009 interview. "It stayed in his leg too, man. It ain't just pierce the skin, the sh*t went in him. Y'all laughing, but that sh*t f*cked me up, I still apologize to that n*gga. It's the dumbest sh*t 'cause I had one of those high power rifles, we bought 'em at Wal-Mart. He set it off with that gun sh*t though but he wasn't crazy enough to do no sh*t like that. So I got in the middle of the aisle, y'all know on the tour bus it's like walking in a plane. So I'm laying down near the back...and I got the target which is a salt and pepper shaker sitting on top of a shoe box...The pepper shaker shatters, but [he] jumped up, pulled his f*cking sock down and all you seen was blood gushing out his right leg." (Vlad TV)

A woman accused Mef of shooting her multiple times with a pellet gun while attending a Texas concert earlier this month.

A fan of Method Man says the rapper shot her six times with a pellet gun as she waited for him to autograph her concert ticket and return it to her out the back window of his tour bus. Mary Anderson says she "received no warnings prior to this incident and was without fault when (Smith) fired pellets into a crowd and struck Anderson in the torso." She says she suffered multiple injuries to her stomach and chest that required medical treatment. Anderson seeks punitive damages for assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and gross negligence. (Court House News)

The event reportedly took place last fall.

She claims she sought an autograph after his Nov. 19 concert in downtown Houston when the incident occurred. She filed a police report and was treated for minor injuries the next day, according to her attorney, Daniel Horowitz. The performer, who rose to fame as a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, has not been served and is not charged criminally. (The Houston Chronicle)

Check out a recent Method Man interview below:

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