News: Memphis Bleek Defends Jay-Z's "BP3" Leaks, "I Think They Set The Bar Too High For My Guy"

Friday, Aug 28, 2009 8:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Memphis Bleek has come to the defense of Jay-Z and responded to some of the negative feedback his mentor has received from the recent Blueprint 3 leaked songs.

Pointing out the fact that each leaked track has been a Timbaland-produced beat, Bleek also said fans were placing too much judgment on each record.

"Man, you know where that's coming from," he said in an interview. "That's Timbo's camp. Somebody is playin' dirty. It's cool though. I like to see the people's opinions. I've been reading the comments on Jay's records saying that the beats don't sound like this or that. I think they just set the bar too high for my guy." (Hip Hop Wired)

Bloggers have spoken on the new tracks including Fader Magazine writer Pete Macia.

And by could've been we mean they actually were worse, as evidenced by this non-Blueprint 3 song produced by Timbaland. Next to 'Ghetto Techno,' the other leaked BP3 Tim tracks 'Venus Vs Mars,' 'Reminder' and 'Off That' sound like the lord himself rewrote 'Planet Rock,' and 'D.O.A.' and 'Run This Town' actually deliver Penelope Cruz to your doorstep covered in honey with $100 bills stuck where necessary to keep her street legal (Javier Bardem for the ladies). But seriously, one of the goofiest threads on the internet is talking sh*t about Jay. These songs may not be good, but some of the other ones will be and his status as one of the best ever won't be tarnished, just like when Brett Favre throws 9,000 interceptions this year and one sweet touchdown that reminds everyone how ridiculous he used to be. (The Fader)

One of the first leaked tracks was Jay's "Off That" Drake collaboration, which landed online earlier this week.

"I just may let you borrow this," Jay raps in the song. "This The Blueprint, n*gga follow this/And if this is what tomorrow is/Welcome to tomorrow b*tch -- Yeah, you still on that/We still making money 'cause we still off that/Same black verse white, we all that/Please tell Bill O'Reilly to fall back/Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls/This 2010, not 1864/Yeah, we came so far so I drive around town, hard top and exhaust -- How's that for a mix/Gotta black president, green presidents/Blueprint to my white iPod/Black diamonds in my Jesus piece, my God..." ("Off That")

Aside from defending Hov, Bleek has also called on the rap mogul to oversee his new album, The Process.

New York-based recording artist and Jay-Z's protege Memphis Bleek is scheduled to release his fifth studio album titled The Process on November 24, 2009. The album, executive produced by Jay-Z, will feature production from Just Blaze and No I.D with special appearances by Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Pharrell and more! The album will be released on Boston-based label Mass Appeal Entertainment in a joint venture with Bleek's own imprint, Get Low Records. (Press Release)

Check out a past Memphis Bleek interview below:

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