News: Ludacris Ignores Big Movie Bucks, "I Like Being Involved In Life Changing Projects"

Saturday, Aug 8, 2009 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ludacris recently spoke on his admiration for both Hollywood blockbusters and independent films and why he does not allow a project's budget persuade his decision to become involved.

With the upcoming release of Gamers, a film in which he stars, Luda explained his method of choosing films?and he also told his music fans what they could expect from his seventh album, Ludaversal.

"It is about controlling peoples' minds and playing them in a video game," Ludacris said about Gamers. "I look at projects regardless of them being independent or big budget. I like being in involved in what I feel are life changing projects...[Ludaversal,] it's just that, universal," he said, playing the role of good publicity man and not divulging too many details to keep his fans guessing. (Reuters)

Luda previously starred in 2005's Oscar-winning?film, Crash.

In a stunning twist, the motion picture academy turned its back on Brokeback Mountain and its unflinching gay love story, awarding the Oscar for best picture to Crash, a moody kaleidoscope of racial confrontation in Los Angeles in which every character is at once sympathetic and repulsive. Crash also won the Oscars for best original screenplay, for its writers, Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco, and for the film's editor, Hughes Winborne. (New York Times)

The rapper recently promised to one day step away from hip-hop to pursue careers outside of the rap game.

"Rap is real competitive just the same way boxing is," he said in an interview. "We always talk about taking other rappers out. That being said, I feel like I'm the best rapper. I wanted to get the best boxer in the game [for my last album.] That's why it's called "Undisputed.' ... It's always cool to play something totally unexpected and out of the norm. Those are the type of roles I go for. Anything that stretches the limitations...I'm sure I won't be rapping when I'm 50 years-old. (Chicago Tribune)

He previously spoke with SOHH about launching his new Tag Body Spray, Get Yours.

"They approached us saying that there was an opportunity where i could design a can and endorse a fragrance. It's something that is unchartered territory for me so I was definitely interested and then once they talked about a charity that's my soft spot. I''m definitely a fan of the brand and I wanted to help make history with them. (SOHH)

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