News: Lil Wayne Shocks Fans W/ Surprise 50 Cent Performance [Video]

Saturday, Aug 15, 2009 8:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Lil Wayne surprised fans last night (August 14) with an unexpected performance by 50 Cent during his America's Most Wanted tour in California.

Making his way to the Anaheim stage during Soulja Boy Tell Em's set, the G-Unit leader performed his mixtape hit, "Okay, You're Right."

"Okay, you're right," Fif told the screaming crowd as he prepared to perform. "What's up? I'm in that 760 leanin when I'm stuntin'/I blow 50 G's, I mean with ease like this is nothin'/Please don't interrupt me when I'm talkin to my jeweler/He's puttin them diamonds all over my Franck Muller/Me I get busy, I put that work in if it's worth it/Come through hit you up, I'll make a crime scene perfect" (YouTube)

50 is known for having issues with Weezy in the past and was suspected of taking shots at the rapper on his War Angel mixtape.

"Somebody's always gotta be buried," DJ Whoo Kid said referring to the mixtape's 'Prepare For Total Destruction' cover warning earlier this summer. "I'm just gonna let everybody get ready. What you do is figure out who's still relevant, who's still rapping...It's definitely not Eminem, but have your fans call up and think who we should bury. It's kinda obvious. The fans know. Don't spoil it for all the people out there, I mean, but you know Lil Wayne always cops a plea. He has his daddy, always calls up and talks for him states that Lil Wayne doesn't have time for beef he's more worried about money and pills and rock music. He's not really worried about beef and stuff like that. And the chick that handles his weave, you know, he's worried about his hair right now. Shout-out to the police officer, Rick Ross." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Last year, Baby spoke on Wayne's decision to ignore Fif's diss records and focus on profits.

"We got money man," Baby explained in an interview. "We on islands and jets f*cking h*es. We ain't trippin' off petty sh*t. We got money. Ain't ever a dark day in my life, why won't I go spend 250 right now, I'll burn that b*tch...We just did a deal for a 100 mil, we got money for real. It ain't no game. We ain't got time for bullsh*t. We getting money man. We go to the studio that's money, that's like $20 million. When I hit your town they pay 250 just to say they saw us...We been through the wars, I got scars from wars. Get with that anytime, but lets get with this money sh*t, that's what's up...Me and my son are rich for real, that's why I won't entertain bullsh*t." (SmackTube)

50 previously released the 2007 record "Part Time Lover" which went at Baby and Wayne and more recently "Try Me" from earlier this year.

"Fat f*ck playing Wii Fit Nintendo/Have another tattoo, here's another tattoo," 50 rapped referring to Rick Ross. "Run into my goons soon, have a new bullet wound/Officer Ricky, radio for backup/See ya a** anyway, you know I'm gon' act up/You wanna play with me when I don't wanna play/Have my n*ggas whip the skin off ya a** all day...This n*gga's an appetizer. Where you at Wayne? You the full course meal, Wayne. You awfully quiet." ("Try Me")

Check out footage from the event below:

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