News: Lil Wayne Gets Schooled, "America Needs A Stronger Educational System" [Video]

Monday, Aug 24, 2009 2:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Lil Wayne has been featured in a new education-based commercial called "Get Schooled" which promotes an upcoming "Get Schooled: You Have The Right" television program set to premiere next month.

Wayne is featured in a 30-second clip which briefly touches on the need for a better nationwide educational system.

"Growing up in a tough neighborhood is something I know a little about," Weezy said in the commercial's intro. "It's not easy and you have to rise up and stand out. Right now, fewer than one in ten lower income students can expect to earn a bachelor's degree. Odds like that, a better life seems harder to come by. America needs a stronger educational system and the time is now for bold reform. We owe the next generation a brighter future. Motivate. Educate. Elevate. Get Schooled. (YouTube)

The site,, shows September 8th as the date for its world premiere.

"1 Television Event. More Than 20 Different Networks. Tuesday, September 8th, 8 PM. The One Thing You'll Never Learn In School, Is How Important School Is. Get Schooled: You Have The Right." (Get Schooled)

Weezy also attended the University of Houston in 2005 to further his own studies.

In January, Wayne started classes at the University of Houston, where he's majoring in political science. He takes classes including psychology on Tuesday and Thursday, and the rest of the time he spends devoted to music -- and sneaking in some studying. Wayne settled on UH because it's not too far from his native New Orleans, but far enough that he won't be distracted by all his hometown family and friends. He also says he's been hanging out in Houston for years and considers H-Town a second home. (VH1)

Lil Wayne's protege, Drake, has also joined a campaign which encourages teens to practice safe sex.

"Yo what's going on man," he said in the advertisement. "This is your boy Drake and I'm out in the H-Town. You already know. Get informed, not infected. Use strapped condoms and save lives. I approve this message. Yeah." (Stay Strapped TV)

The Stay Strapped nationwide campaign also focuses on HIV/AIDS awareness through various events.

Our mosaic concepts showcase dynamic special events (in Houston, Texas, and throughout the U.S.) that connect with high profile audiences, delivers powerful targeted HIV/AIDS prevention messages that heighten public awareness, and advocates practical behaviors that encourage consumers to live balanced and healthy lives. Our social marketing strategies will allow consumers to converse, build support, share information, showcase healthy lifestyles and expand corporate responsibility and conscious entertainment, in order to stimulate a "call-for-action" regarding HIV/AIDS/STDs prevention. (Stay Strapped Condoms)

Check out Lil Wayne's "Get Schooled" commercial below:

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