News: Jim Jones On Jay-Z's "Run This Town" Music Vid, "He Looks More & More Like Me"

Friday, Aug 21, 2009 7:37AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones has weighed in on Jay-Z's new "Run This Town" music video and questioned whether his former Roc-A-Fella associate has been habitually swagger jacking his style.

After Jay's video leaked online yesterday (August 20) morning, Jones shared his reaction via Twitter.

"Everytim I c ths n*gga videos he looks mor n mor like me," Jones wrote. "Is he tryin to Jack my splash or should I b flattered lol Thts my thng I stay fly." (Jim Jones' Twitter)

Jones previously went off on Jay's "Death of Auto-Tune" record earlier this summer and said the rapper's campaign would financially hurt younger artists.

"We're getting money off of auto-tune, it's just sounding like somebody's trying to knock a hustle and I don't think that's a little bit gangster if you ask me," Jones explained in an interview last June. "We getting money. He's knocking the hustle, ya dig? If these young men are making money off of autotune why would you try to stop that, when you got all the money already? I seen him [at Summer Jam], I don' think he wanted to see me. He almost stopped the whole concert because he said I was in the way of him getting on stage and all of that. But that's politics for the game, ya dig? How you doing? We back, we ballin', we poppin' champagne." ("106 & Park")

Jay's full-length video features Rihanna and Kanye West sharing camera time as they lead a disguised following of men and women.

Starting out as a march led by Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna, the video gives off a militant feel. Although a time period is not revealed, the concept centers on a rebellion of individuals dressed in all black and forming a pack. Aside from explosions and fire, the video is also packed with images which suggest an underground location, disguised soldiers (with black bandannas), torn-down vehicles and all-out destruction which adds on to the overall dark but rebellious tone. ("Run This Town")

Hov revealed details surrounding the record's concept in a teaser video released on Monday (August 17).

"The song is pretty much about evolution and the progress," Hov said in a teaser video. "You know, you start out as a new artist, you make your way into the game and you climb that mountain and you get to the top and put your flag down. And that's pretty much us putting our flag down. 'This is Roc Nation, pledge your allegiance,' put your flag at the top of the mountain and say we run this town." (YouTube)

Check out Jay-Z's "Run This Town" music video below:

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