News: Jay-Z's Bodyguard Catches Break, Croatia Police Drop Assault Charges

Friday, Aug 21, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Jay-Z's bodyguard has reportedly caught a legal break and will not face jail time for assault and destruction of personal property against a cameraman in Croatia earlier this week.

While details are still scarce, the charges were dropped Thursday (August 20) afternoon.

Croatian law enforcement tell TMZ there will be no jail time for J's hired muscle, who had assault and destroying personal property charges filed against him after a tussle with a local reporter earlier this week. The bodyguard will have to pay a fine -- and we're told the police will not pursue further legal action. (TMZ)

The incident initially took place when Beyonce and Hov were confronted by photographers upon leaving a restaurant earlier this week.

As they were leaving dinner Tuesday night, the cameras were continuing to go off and the three tried to find their escape route by jumping onto a boat that would take them out to their yacht, but met hostility as one of the photographers proceeded to throw his tripod which cracked the bodyguard in his back. Everyone in their mind knows exactly what their reaction would be to a situation such as this but their bodyguard should be commended for his choice of response. Julius responded by throwing the piece of property in the ocean and giving the royal salute, along with Jay-Z, by way of the middle finger. (Hip Hop Wired)

Croatia sources claim Jay requested his bodyguard to physically attack the cameraman.

The couple was followed by their bodyguard, who pushed a cameraman away and told him not to film the singer. The daily 24 sata has reported Beyonce went to the city centre, where she encountered another cameraman, Dragan Banovic, 57. When the same bodyguard saw Banovic, he punched him, causing him to drop his camera. The bodyguard hit Banovic three more times after he got back up and then threw his camera into some water. Jay Z allegedly told the bodyguard to throw the cameraman into the water. (Croatian Times)

Lil Wayne's bodyguard also found himself in legal heat after recently having a police report filed against him following a concert last week when a fight broke out near the rapper's tour bus.

Cops arrived to the scene and broke things up -- but we've learned a 15-year-old boy has since filed a police report claiming one of Wayne's bodyguards roughed him up during the chaos, bruising a few of his ribs. Cops interviewed Wayne at a nearby hotel after the incident, where the rapper told cops he was on one of the buses when the attack started -- but his bus took off almost immediately. (Singers Room)

Check out coverage from the initial altercation below:

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