News: Ja Rule Deemed "No Threat" To Australia, Rapper's Visa Finally Cleared

Monday, Aug 24, 2009 10:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ja Rule has reportedly been granted permission to perform at an event next weekend in Australia, after previously having to cancel his show due to an immigration dispute.

The decision to allow Rule to perform was announced Monday (August 24) morning.

Immigration officials have decided US rapper Ja Rule is not a threat to national security and have cleared his visa, allowing him to play at Luna Park on Saturday (August 29). Promoters were forced to postpone shows when Rule's visa application was held up "due to visa processing." No explanation was given, strange as Rule had toured here twice before. (Daily Telegraph)

He previously was denied the possibility to perform after a scheduled show was scrapped last month.

Australia is very strict on letting entertainers with criminal records enter into their country and Queens, New York rapper Ja Rule found that out first hand over the weekend. Ja was scheduled to perform in Sydney, Australia on July 31, but it looks like the rapper will be a no-show after experiencing visa processing issues with the country's Immigration Department. (The Boom Box)

Upon being denied, the rapper was forced to await approval for this weekend's show.

Ja Rule was supposed to perform at Big Top at Luna Park, but the gig has been scrapped due to 'visa processing' delays from the Immigration Department. The rapper, who has performed in Australia at least twice in the past, is hoping that immigration officials will approve his visa for the re-scheduled date, which is now slated for August 29th. In April of 2007, Australia officially banned rap star Snoop Dogg from entering until 2008, because he failed the country's 'Character Test.' (All Hip Hop)

The Rule previously spoke with SOHH about his recently released The Mirror album which was available for free download last month.

"The album was leaked already so I'm really just putting it out there for the people who didn't really get a chance to hear it," Ja explained. "There's some extra records on there that I put on there that I didn't necessarily record for The Mirror and there are a couple of records that were recorded for The Mirror but didn't leak. A lot of people didn't hear a lot of the records, so if you're not a die-hard Ja Rule fan, then you probably didn't hear a lot of the records or not at all...You gotta understand, The Mirror was made almost three years ago now so there's a couple of jabs on The Mirror, I ain't gonna front [laughs]...Newz is on The Mirror. He did a record on there called '300' with me." (SOHH)

Check out a portion of Ja Rule's SOHH interview below:

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