News: Ja Rule Admits Australian Driving Mishap, "They Were Scared To Death In The Backseat" [Video]

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 5:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ja Rule has confirmed recent reports of being involved in a near car crash last week after driving on the wrong side of the road in Australia and said some accounts of the incident were "blown out of proportion."

Aside from the road mishap, Rule also spoke on what fans could expect from his forthcoming untitled solo project.

"My new album is real eclectic," Rule said in an interview. "It's different. I went in a lot of different areas because I've done a lot throughout my career so when you've made just about every record you could make, you wanna try something new. So with my new album, I definitely got some new sounds in there and some new vibes people can get in to...Actually with this new album, I'm trying not to do so many collaborations because hip-hop needs to get back to what it was. When you listen to LL Cool J's albums, classic albums like that or Kool G Rap or Big Daddy Kane, you don't hear thousands and thousands of features -- that's what hip-hop was based on...[My driving] kinda got blown out of proportion I guess, it was like for two seconds, I came outta the garage and naturally, 'cause I'm from America, we go right on to the opposite side of the road -- I had a bunch of backseat drivers, they were scared to death in the backseat, it was funny. But you know, I had a good time with them." (Hip Hop TV Australia)

The incident reportedly happened Thursday (August 27) afternoon.

Rule terrified Sydney motorists after touching down in Australia Thursday by driving through the city on the wrong side of the road trying to catch a harbour view, a report said. Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, hopped behind the wheel after giving a commercial radio interview at inner-city Pyrmont, a spokesman for the Nova 969 station said. "I think he was more interested in looking at the view of Sydney than he was keeping his eyes on the road," the spokesman told newswire AAP. (AFP News)

Publicist Adam Cubito explained the reaction of nearby drivers.

"He powered out into Pyrmont with [radio personality] Kate [Ritchie] in the front and the show's other hosts Merrick and Rosso in the car and onto the wrong side of the road," Cubito continued. "They were all shouting at him to get back on the right side. I think there were a few people ducking out of the way. He obviously thought he was still in America. Luckily there was no damage." (The Age)

Rule was granted permission to perform at an Australia event earlier this week.

Immigration officials have decided US rapper Ja Rule is not a threat to national security and have cleared his visa, allowing him to play at Luna Park on Saturday (August 29). Promoters were forced to postpone shows when Rule's visa application was held up "due to visa processing." No explanation was given, strange as Rule had toured here twice before. (Daily Telegraph)

Check out Ja Rule's interview from Australia below:

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