News: Gucci Mane's Lyrics Stir Controversy, Officials Demand Concert Cancellation

Thursday, Aug 20, 2009 11:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Gucci Mane, who has recently collaborated with Mariah Carey and Snoop Doog, is facing a possible Georgia concert cancellation after protesters have argued his rap lyrics are not suitable for teenagers.

The controversy reportedly stems from a local citizen who caught the attention of a public official.

An outraged citizen writes a letter to City commissioner Bob Langstaff, protesting an act that is to come to the Civic Center at the end of the month. Gucci is set to perform August 29th, but some folks say his lyrics are appalling and inappropriate for teens in the area. City Manager Al Lott says he is working on getting the performance canceled and scheduling a special called meeting of the City Commission in order to adopt guidelines and policies for performers at the civic center. (Fox 31 News)

Despite the claims, city leaders have responded by saying Gucci's concert will be heavily supervised and under police control.

City leaders say the contracts have been signed, and if they tried to stop the concert now, they'd be on the hook for money already paid by the promoter. While they'll look at the issue for future events at the Civic Center, they say this show must go on. "The ability to control an event internally is always going to be better, we can have our door guards which we would normally have anyway and we can make sure we have security inside and out," said Wes Smith, Albany Assistant City Manager. Control the event they will, there won't be alcohol sales for this concert and there will be extra security. (WALB News)

The Game recently caught heat over his criminal background and faced a New Zealand school banning.

"We haven't given approval. It's a decision that will be made in line with school policy," Papatoetoe High Principal Peter Gall said in an interview. "I understand that this fellow may have a bit of an unsavory background. While I am very pleased and proud that we won the competition, I would doubt that we would take up the offer...There are a few of those stories around but it almost seems like the message is 'it's OK to be a bad dude when you're young because you can turn your life around later'. I would much rather have messages from people who say it's great to be a good dude all the time. I have nothing against him, but I am very much against what he has done in the past. It's not right, it's unhealthy." (New Zealand Herald)

West Coast rapper Glasses Malone was denied the opportunity to perform at a Utah school prom due to his lyrical content last spring.

Prom night at Clearfield High School will have a band but no performance by the Los Angeles rapper. School officials nixed the visit from Glasses Malone after deciding his music lyrics are not appropriate for a school function. Students won the performance in a text message contest sponsored by radio station U92. (KUTV News)

Check out Gucci Mane's "I'm Back B*tch" below:

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