News: Ghostface Killah Says R&B Album On Deck, "I'm Just Waiting For Two People"

Friday, Aug 28, 2009 1:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ghostface Killah recently spoke on the status of his upcoming Wizard of Poetry album and said the project, which marks his final Def Jam release, should hit store shelves this fall.

While not offering an exact release date, Killah said his verses and work on the album has been completed and also hinted at a new Wu-Tang Clan compilation.

"I finished doing my part," Ghost said about the status of Wizard of Poetry. "I'm just waiting for like two people to lay vocals down on two songs. And I just got check to see how I like the audio and then we good. [It should drop], I don't know, maybe the end of September. If not, October most likely...Wu is chilling, everybody is chilling right now, working on their own things until we come back together and just form a new album -- if the sh*t is right, then yeah [we'll do another album.]" (Spin Earth)

Ghostface recently spoke with SOHH and said he reached out to various R&B singers for his new album which turned him down.

"I had the list in my head but my list ain't work. These R&B cats is wild yo but some people heard my work and they just jumped on it. Like John Legend, he heard what I was doing and he just wanted to get on it. Same thing with Raheem DeVaughn. I wanted Alicia Keys, I reached out to Avant. Tamia but you know how it is with women. They just stood the kid up. They ain't get back so I had to just go with the fellas." (SOHH)

Ghostface recently spoke on his Ron Browz collaboration "She's A Killer" and why his former labelmate Jay-Z hurt the single's buzz due to the auto-tune bashing "D.O.A." song.

"I had Ron Browz on it," Ghost said about the track. "It was about a co-defendant of mine, she was real sexy and putting in work, real pretty and she'll slay you. She'll rock you to sleep and get whatever you got. She'd do anything, everybody liked her -- We let it out but then your boy Jay-Z came with that f*cking 'Death of [Autotune]' sh*t and vocalled the sh*t and smashed my f*cking joint, you know what I mean? He smashed my sh*t with that sh*t, I understand, I felt like how Jay felt but when I did the record, I didn't care about all that sh*t, 'cause I'm just worried about me. So when he came with that sh*t, that 'Death of' a lot of deejays were on that 'Yeah yeah,' sucking his d*ck. And now left your boy out there with a record that would have been bubbling on some other sh*t though, you know what I mean? It's all good though." (Best of Both Offices)

The project represents Ghost's final contractual obligation for Def Jam.

"It's my last album so I wanted to do the album I always wanted to do," Ghost explained in an interview. "You gotta tell the fans that you not gettin' no younger here, we gettin' older! And everybody don't sell crack no more, man. I don't sell crack, yo. I ain't movin' no bricks or none of that other sh*t. I ain't shoot nobody in like since the early 90's, man. How long you gonna be 40 years-old and actin' like you still sellin' cracks and you on the block and you doin' this and you doin' that when times is more serious, man" (UnKut)

Check out Ghostface Kilah's "She's A Killer" collaboration below:

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