News: Freeway Says State Property Still Stands, "Grown Men Do Grown Men Things" [Video]

Friday, Aug 14, 2009 5:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Freeway recently spoke on his current relationship with State Property's Beanie Sigel and announced when his upcoming Stimulus Package album would land in stores.

While claiming he was a member of the Roc since 2000, Free also revealed his stance with the company's co-founders Damon "Dame" Dash and Jay-Z.

"It was disappointing," Freeway said about the Rocafella break-up in 2004. "I'm a hustler, I'm a grinder. I had to do what I had to do. Stay relevant, tear the Internet up, tear the streets up. I'm always grinding. As far as relationships, I just got off the phone with Beans, man, and everybody from State Property. Everybody's still cool, everybody's doing their thing, it's all love. Free Peedi Crack, he's in jail. Free Neef, they should be home soon. As far as me and Dame, we good. Me and Jay, we good. Grown men do grown men things...I got the album dropping in October with Jake One, it's called The Stimulus Package. It's Freeway and Jake One...Y'all gonna love it, I got a lot of nice features on the joint, the album is conceptual -- the album is incredible, y'all gonna love it, trust me." (RS Radio)

Freeway previously announced his Cash Money association earlier this summer.

"I been f*cking with Cash Money," he said in a June interview. "You know, me and Wayne did a joint for the last album, but we couldn't get the sh*t cleared in time and all that. We just throwing around some ideas. And I'm launching a label, Free Money, so what better home for it...My man Ceelo, he worked with Baby, so he really basically connected us like that. But, right now everything is still in preliminary...It's still Roc-A-Fella for life. That's something that's not going to leave me...Everything still preliminary. Jay give me his blessing with whatever I want to do. Jay want to see n*ggas making moves." (Rap Radar)

He also spoke on Beans' new music and how realistic a label jump to G-Unit could have been earlier this year.

"It's a possibility, it's definitely a possibility," Freeway said in regards to 50 Cent's label. "I haven't talked to Dame in a couple of months. We keep in touch...You need a guy like that in your corner...Beans got some sh*t. He's in the studio. He's cooking some sh*t up...We're trying to work a few things out [for a State Property reunion]. I think it definitely can happen. People just have to put their pride to the side. Everybody's gotta get on the same page. I think the street's definitely need it can it can happen now." (Hip Hop Game)

Freeweezy previously announced his collaboration album last spring.

"It's official, I got the album coming this summer," Free said in a recent video blog. "Freeway. Jake One. The Stimulus Package. It's gonna be crazy, y'all gonna love it. We calling it The Stimulus Package 'cause we stimulatin' hip-hop. We're bringing it back to the real hip-hop...It's gonna be crazy. One producer. One emcee. Y'all gonna love it, trust me man. We putting it together right now." (YouTube)

Check out Freeway's interview below:

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