News: Fabolous On Rap Beefs, "That's One Of The Things That Hurt New York" [Video]

Sunday, Aug 23, 2009 8:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Fabolous recently spoke on his ability to bypass rap beefs and why the New York rap scene has fallen out of touch with its trend-setting sound as a rap feuds began to take center stage.

In addition to explaining why he holds off on rap beefs, F-a-b-o also revealed a few music pointers he gave to rap newcomer Maino.

"If you know me and follow my career, you know I ain't never been the type to speak nobody else name really," Fab pointed out in an interview. "Or try to assasinate somebody else character and gain fame for myself -- I don't even speak n*ggas' names, to me, that's really bullsh*t, like, that's girl sh*t...I told [Maino] 'you gotta concentrate on making songs, like all the beef sh*t and all this sh*t n*ggas doing in the streets...' That's one of the things that hurt New York. N*ggas are not making songs, they're so busy talking about other motherf*ckers. I don't got no time to focus on other motherf*ckers, I"m focusing on my sh*t and me making hit songs continuously." (All Access DVD)

Fabolous recently spoke on his issues with the media and artists who attempt to gain fame from publicized rap beefs and stunts rather than focusing on their musical talent.

"They feel like 'All right, if I have to generate my buzz rather than make some good music or actually be a talent,' that's what's gonna get people's attention," Fab told Jenny Boom Boom about some rappers' publicity acts. "And it does get attention but you should not just want attention for you having a beef with somebody or seeing somebody in the street and doing whatever. You're an artist, you're in the game to make music so you should want attention for your talent. And I respect people that have that and of course other things are gonna occur within the game or within the music or within whatever job you do. I don't respect people who base their whole career off gossip and creating buzz." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Boot Camp Clik's Buckshot recently spoke with SOHH about the ineffectiveness of rappers using beef to stimulate attention.

"It's f*cking crazy like now because it ain't necessary," Buckshot explained. "Motherf*ckers is beefing and ain't selling records. Beefing used to work to sell records for one motherf*cker named 50 Cent and LL [Cool J] and certain people back in the day. 50 Cent is really the first one that came like 'F*ck that, I'll murder a n*gga' besides Pac. And Pac would still make good music but he was beefing in interviews. And 50 would make good music and beef with his music. Joe Buddens and the rest of them dudes, they just making music. They beefing, I think, not because they selling records and Joe Budden know that the only way to stir sh*t up is -- the only way to let people know smoke is around is to start a fire. A publicity stunt means to take advantage of the publicity. So I think it is a publicity stunt to say 'F*ck it, while I got the public's ear, I'ma say sh*t to keep 'em coming back.' And the f*cked up thing is that that sh*t don't do nothing no more. It used to do something -- it was worth something a few years ago." (SOHH)

Fab's Loso's Way debuted atop the charts earlier this month.

Fabolous' Loso's Way debuted at No. 1 this week with 99,000 copies sold throughout the country. Following behind the Def Jam artist's release was Daughtry's Leave This Town which pushed 62,000 and Maxwell's Black Summer's Night at No. 3 with 55,200 sold records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Fabolous' interview below:

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