News: Fabolous Cuts Ties W/ Clothing Company, "They Were Just In It To Make Some Money" [Video]

Saturday, Aug 8, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Fabolous recently revealed plans for his Yung Rich clothing line and explained how he will soon be competing with Diddy's and Jay-Z's brands at major department stores.

While keeping details scarce, F-a-b-o said business ties were cut with his former manufacturer due to a lack of vision on their behalf.

"We pushing it," Fab told radio personality Angela Yee about his Yung Rich clothing line. "We switched manufacturers because we wanted to get with somebody that really understood the vision of what we was trying to push. The first guys, they kinda didn't -- I think they were just in it to make some money. They didn't see the whole vision so we switched and now we push it a little bit further. Before we were trying to just keep it a bit more boutique but I think this one we gonna go into department stores and make some money. [laughs]" (The Morning Show With Angela Yee)

The brand was reportedly launched around March 2006.

After finding qualified staffing Fabolous announced the name for his line: Rich Yung Society Clothing. The line?s name represents a lifestyle that many people aspire to live. Even beyond that lifestyle the rapper and his street family counterparts live, it also celebrates the more glamorous fashions found in Japanese street wear and urban boutique settings. Highly demanded and already being seen worn by Yung Joc and T.I., Rich Yung Society clothing has finally been released to the public in extremely limited quantities. (SoJones)

His company initially focused on small retailers throughout the New York City area.

Few stores are able to acquire an account with Fab's line and retail Rich Yung, which has many items retailing for over $200. Exclusive urban boutiques and sneaker stores such as 'Rakuten' in Japan and "Vinnie's Styles" in Brooklyn, NY have however acquired accounts and started retailing the Rich Yung Society clothing. Clothing from the line seen so far includes some very creative designs that were applied to hoodies, t-shirts, and a New Era fitted cap. (Rap News)

Fab's line will still face major competition from Jay and Diddy, who recently announced the new image and logo of Sean John clothing.

"One of the biggest things is the Sean John logo," Diddy explained in a video. "Y'all remember the last Sean John logo we had...And right now I would like to introduce to you the new, more evolved, future logo. The future, the evolution, the re-invention. As you see in the new logo, what is the new look? This is Sean John, we had to step up our game. You either change or get changed. You know who said that? Me...So we gonna be doing some of these, we gonna let you come into the design room and see some of our behind-the-scenes, also we gonna have y'all come in on some meetings too. Our t-shirt game, we're stepping it up...Check it out y'all, this is a little preview of what's to come. Y'all see we in here grinding, we in here working. We have to get things together, we had to step up our game." (Diddy's Blog)

Check out Fabolous' interview with Angela Yee below:

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