Pulse Report: PULSE REPORT: Eminem Schools Drake, Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Uncovered, Young Jeezy Makes The "Hood Hottest MCs" List

Friday, Aug 28, 2009 12:40PM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Eminem stealing the spotlight from Drake, Jay-Z losing with the Blueprint 3 leaks, Young Jeezy working on a "Hood Hottest MCs" list, Uncle Murda settling for a name change, and Juelz Santana apologizing to fans for arrest.

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1. Lesson Learned

Up & coming rapper Drake learned a valuable lesson this week, one that should stay with him forever. Rap Features 101: If given the opportunity Emenim will smoke you on your own song. Joined by Em, Kanye West and Lil Wayne on "Forever," a collaboration track for LeBron James' "More Than A Game" documentary, Drake may have swung with Ye and Weezy, but not Em. [Listen Here]

Clearly holding his own, Drake rapped:

"Yeah, n*gga, I'm about my business/Killin' all these rappers, you would swear I had a hitlist Everyone who doubted me is askin' for forgiveness/If you ain't been a part of it, at least you got to witness/B*tches."

However Em was sharper with a rapid fire flow and precise lines like:

"Back into the game and they know rap'll never be the same as before/Bashin' in the brains of these hos, and establishin' a name as he goes/The passion and the flame is ignited, you can't put it out once we light it/This sh*t is exactly what the f*ck that I'm talkin' about when we riot..."

Don't worry Dreezy, its happened to the best of them. Ask ya boy Hov (Can you say "Run This Town"). What do y'all say, did Em get the best of Drake?

2. Leakage

"One of us cats ain't playing right."

In a week when an inexplicable number (3) of songs from his much-anticipated Blueprint 3 album leaked onto the internet, Jay-Z never spoke truer words. Speculation has run rampant as to who might have maliciously released the songs, with Timbaland the producer of two of the tracks ("Off That," "Reminder") receiving much blame. The release of these recent songs, which also included the relationship cut "Venus Vs. Mars" means we have already heard 5 of the 15 songs from the album. And out of those five one can find fault in all of them. It's unfortunate, no let me say what it really is, its f*cked up that someone is ruining the moment. These leaks are giving people like myself an opportunity to pick the album apart before listening to it as one cohesive record. Not cool.

Despite leaks and criticism from the likes of Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, Jay still found the time to declare himself hands down the "best rapper" in the newest issue of XXL magazine.

"But when I say I'm the best, I don't say that outta my a**. I say that with all my stats behind me. I put that against anybody. I mean anybody. I really believe that...I shouldn't have to prove it. But I do have these stats to prove it. I'm talking about real run. I'm not talking about years off. I'm talking about straight--boom, boom, boom--back to back. We're not talking about heritage acts either. We're not talking about respect what I've done. I'm talking No. 1 [albums] 10 times. The Beatles is the only one [to have more No. 1 albums]. They got 19, and if I get a surge of creativity, I could make nine albums next year." (XXL Magazine)

I'm not going to say Jay is not the G.O.A.T, because it?s a given that he is. The numbers don't lie. However he should know better than to be making an argument solely based on "stats". In fact he shouldn't even be talking about this, period. He's a sports guy; he knows that the Los Angeles Lakers can't show up this NBA season with their stats and rings from last year expecting to be crowned champs for the new season. You have to play the games. And as long as you're in the game you have to keep proving your the best. Showing past stats won't be enough.

3. My Name Is...

Sometimes change is a good thing. For Uncle Murda an apparent decline in his daily body count has spurred on a name change that benefits everyone. The Brooklyn rapper explained to Mixtape Monster why he?s going to be known as Uncle M from now on.<.p>

"It's just about getting me out everywhere," Murda said in an interview. "You'll definitely still get the same hardcore music because that's my life. But you gotta understand, Uncle Murda, well, probably the 'Murda' will never get [to retail stores] that I need. All this will scare the money away just for certain things just when you hear like 'Uncle Murda.' That's me, I done stamped that already...We trying to get some money...The content of music is still going to be the same, you still gonna get Uncle Murda, but we gonna talk to the ladies -- because I do like to have fun. Everything ain't about murder when it comes to me and my life. I'm not shooting or killing 24/7. That's not going down everyday." (Mixtape Monster)

My isn't that thoughtful of him. Hope it works. Anyway I've taken the liberty to re-name some rappers to give a more accurate assessment of who they are.

1. Alfa Mega

Re-Name: Ratatouille

Who better to cook up street tales that expose the truth about others.

2. Gunplay

Re-Name: Lil' Airplay

When you hear him the name will stick like glue.

3. Slaughter House

Re-Name: Halfway House

Everone in this group is trying to recover from missing their big break.

Everyone is this group is trying to recover from missing their big break.

4. Hottest In The Hood

While the voting is still going on for MTV's much-anticipated "Hottest MCs" list Young Jeezy a probable finalist on that list wants to make his own edition . The Snowman told MTV News that he'd like to create a "Hood Hottest MC" category as an alternative to their all-inclusive, always controversial version.

"Even with me, when y'all first put in the bracket, some people think different. Some people wanna be a lyricist. Me, I wanna be real. It's gotta be different categories?You shouldn't put a Nas on there. Or a KRS-One. That's crazy to put those cats in the same category. They think differently. That's why we should do mine. ... It's gonna cause more controversy than you think. People gonna be calling being like, 'He ain't really like that.' "

Word! I got that list right here Jeezy.

1. Young Jeezy - No question Jeez is #1 in the hood G.

2. Jadakiss - You know you're hot in the hood when the po-po raids your crib.

3. Lil' Wayne - Despite the commercial success, four different baby mommas is straight hood status.

4. Gucci Mane - His recent run of R&B cameos caused a slight drop, but the streets are still loving, Gucci!

5. Plies - The definition of hood.

6. Cam'ron - A legend in these streets.

7. Maino - Act up and he will hit you harder than all the above. Ask Young Berg.

8. OJ Da Juiceman  - Bet a brick on it, OJ got juice in every hood. Aye!

9. Pill - The "Trap Goin' Ham" is all you need to know.

10. Jay Rock - The new blood in them Cali streets.

5. Arrested Developments

It's time for another update of the hip-hop crime blotter. This week, Juelz Santana found out there is no diplomatic immunity for threatening to kill your girlfriend and the police blew the whistle on Too Short for driving under the influence.

Harlem rapper Juelz Santana was arrested and charged with making "terroristic threats" to his girlfriend during a domestic dispute at his New Jersey home. After posting the $5,000 bail Juelz took to his Twitter page (where else?) to issue an apology to fans.

"A! I would like to truly apologize to all my fans especially females that have heard or read anything bout me that may have disturbed you," he wrote. "A! Believe None of What you Hear, and Half of what you see & Always ask yourself, Where do people get their information from? Smh" (Juelz Santana's Twitter)

This is no laughing matter and in light of the Chris Brown case the only good that can come out of this is an interview with Larry King.

As for Too Short, the veteran rapper was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with DUI and drug possession. While it hasn't been reported what Too Short was drinking, you already know what type of drug he was allegedly in possession of, marijuana. This was the second DUI charge Short has faced in Sin City within the last three months. What's the odds he goes away for a short stay?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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