Exclusive: E-40 Co-Signs MTV Jams' "Bay Day" Celebration, "We Deserve To Be Recognized"

Sunday, Aug 2, 2009 7:30AM

Published by SOHH.com

After highlighting LA, ATL and MIA hip-hop, MTV Jams will be celebrating Bay area rap, with a full day of videos and interviews by artists from the Bay today (Sunday).

40 says the MTV Jams' Bay area showcase is well deserved and Jams is the perfect venue for the celebration.

"In The Bay area we are trendsetters and we deserve to be recognized," E-40 told SOHH. "We got the most swag and finesse. And everything that's got anything to do with hustling, we already talked about it 20 plus years ago. And we showed the rap game how to get independent money. MTV Jams plays current and vintage Bay area music and it's a strong outlet awakening the sleep to new new and older talent."(SOHH)
As a Bay area native, MTV's Sway offered the viewers some videos that will be played throughout the day. 

"This is your boy Sway, Oakland's finest," he said in the "Bay Day" promo clip. "We digging deep in the crates and playing hits such as Spice One, Mr. FAB, Hieroglyphics, Hamme,r Keyshia Cole, and of course 2Pac, just to name a few.(MTV Jams)
Jams is MTV's all hip-hop and R&B video channel.

MTV Jams is a Viacom-owned American hip-hop/urban music video channel that debuted on May 1, 2002, replacing the rock music video channel MTVX. Like its sister stations MTV Hits, VH1 Soul, and CMT Pure Country, MTV Jams is available exclusively on digital cable. (MTV Jams Facebook)
Check out Bay Day on MTV Jams all day today (Sunday, August 2).

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