News: Drake On Jay-Z Collabo, "Hopefully Jay & Drake Are As Powerful As Drake & Wayne"

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2009 4:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Drake recently spoke on working with Jay-Z and how he hoped their chemistry on tracks like "Off That" could be comparable to him and his Young Money boss, Lil Wayne.

Drizzy explained his experience and overall respect for Hov's contributions to hip-hop and stance in the rap game.

"Jay has been one of the most special people to me in this game," he said in an interview. "I don't think I'll ever forget the nights me and Jay had in the studio, and the things he'd tell me and just the way he embraced me. It's one of the best feelings in my life. Jay is one of those guys that you can say, 'I look up to this guy,' or 'I like this guy's music.' I wanted to be Jay. That's what they say about the best artists. To be a great rapper, men gotta wanna be you and women gotta wanna know. I wanna be myself, but for me to say, 'If I couldn't be me, I wanted to be that man' -- that's huge...To have that man in my life and to be able to interact with him and talk to him and, best of all, work with him -- there's not a real sentence I can say to describe it. Hopefully, Jay and Drake are as powerful as Drake and Wayne. I hope people see that union and it comes up more than once in the future." (MTV)

Their "Off That" collaboration landed online after months of speculation and rumors about the mystery track's existence yesterday (August 24) morning.

"I just may let you borrow this," Jay raps in the song. "This The Blueprint, n*gga follow this/And if this is what tomorrow is/Welcome to tomorrow b*tch -- Yeah, you still on that/We still making money 'cause we still off that/Same black verse white, we all that/Please tell Bill O'Reilly to fall back/Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls/This 2010, not 1864/Yeah, we came so far so I drive around town, hard top and exhaust -- How's that for a mix/Gotta black president, green presidents/Blueprint to my white iPod/Black diamonds in my Jesus piece, my God..." ("Off That")

Drake previously spoke on the rumors of "Off That" being Jay's first single instead of "Run This Town," which features Kanye West and Rihanna.

"I don't know who came up with that rumor to be honest, but I always knew what Jay's first single was going to be," Drake said in an interview. "Me and Jay did a lot of work together. Maybe at one point he was considering doing it and someone got over-excited and put out a press release that I was going to be on the first single...We have more than one record to pick from. Jay-Z is one of those guys that's just too good. I would be definitely disappointed if I wasn't on it. I think it's going to be a legendary project. I have my fingers crossed." (The Boom Box)

In addition to Hov and Weezy, Drake has reportedly linked with Bad Boy Entertainment CEO Diddy.

The producer took the "Degrassi" grad under his wings for a recording session. And that's a rap! As far as initiations go, hanging out with Diddy in Toronto the other night must have been right up there for Drake, Canada's (and hip hop's) Next Big Thing. There they were at Sotto Sotto. There, again, at Century Room. There, too, in the recording studio above Tattoo Rock Parlour, on Queen, where the Gatsbyish Diddy was said to be recording with the Toronto singer, and where the impressario was seen coming down the common stair well, posing like a pro for pics and jetting off just as fast in his SUV chariot. (National Post)

Check out Jay-Z & Drake's "Off That" below:

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