News: DMX's Probation Blocks K-9 Reunion, "I Can't Have My Dogs For 2 More Months" [Video]

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Earl "DMX" Simmons recently spoke on his 90-day prison sentence in Arizona's Marciopa County Jail and said he must still wait another two months before being able to reunite with his dogs.

Interviewed on the street, X also revealed his personal issues with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

"Stripes and pink, pink underwear, pink socks and slippers," X said about his experience in the Arizona prison earlier this year. "Stay the f*ck outta Arizona...I can't have dogs for two more months, I'm on probation. I'm on probation, I got two more months to go then I can have my dogs back. [The Michael Vick dog situation] kinda linked to my situation. The sheriff -- went and got Michael Vick then came and got my dogs. I wasn't even fighting with my dogs, I love my dogs. But you know, it happens. And just for the record, f*ck Sherrif Joe." (TMZ)

X caught heat from behind bars earlier this year after allegedly making verbal threats to corrections officers.

He was moved from Tent City to a solitary cell, where he will spend 23 hours a day, following a verbal altercation with Maricopa County Sheriff's detention officers on Sunday (February 8). The rapper will likely remain for the next month, said Lt. Brian Lee, a sheriff's spokesman. DMX was serving his 90-day sentence with more than 2,000 other inmates in Tent City until Sunday, when he refused to report for his designated job in the jail. (AZ Central)

Arpaio also placed special attention on X and reportedly put him on a strict diet while in lockdown.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio also ordered that Simmons be placed on a special diet consisting of bread and water. "DMX will be treated like any other prisoner in my jail and I will not tolerate him threatening my staff," Arpaio said. (KPHO News)

He was originally sentenced to three months behind bars in late January.

Commissioner Phemonia Miller sentenced the rapper, whose name is Earl Simmons to 90 days in jail with no credit for time he has already served. (ABC News)

Check out DMX's on-street interview below:

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