News: Diddy Fumbles W/ New Album Strategy, "I've Just Been Dealing W/ Certain Frustrations" [Video]

Sunday, Aug 2, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Diddy recently spoke on his issues with the forthcoming Last Train to Paris album and why he will look to up his marketing strategy by moving beyond radio play.

Admitting the current emphasis by record labels and radio stations should be changed, Puff explained what he had in store on the promotion side of his new album.

"I've just been dealing with certain frustations with the way a record company, even myself, has been programed to roll out a record," Puff said in his video blog. "I'm excited to do some exciting and innovative things with the roll-out of this Last Train to Paris and I want you guys to be receptive to it. I wanna roll-out some singles, some videos, some visual representations that's not about radio play, that's not about sales, that's not about if you think it's a hit record you can hear it 30 or 40 times. It's about a feeling, it's about a sound, it's about a movement, it's about a style." (Diddy's Blog)

In addition to revealing there is no set date last month, Puff previously explained the overall feel for the new project.

"We just vibin' and making music, having a good time," he said in an interview. "The album is gonna be something different for me, and I don't have to support it by myself...The train is coming...It's coming, it's coming. Right now, it's like Jay-Z time and Drake time. Enjoy those guys. But the train is coming. Get your ticket. You don't want to be left out." (MTV)

The Bad Boy CEO previously launched an interactive website using concepts from the album to help promote the project.

Diddy's created this high concept teaser site at which at the moment just contains links to his other sites and a mock train ticket where you can fill out your info. Our sources state an update for the site will be made in the coming month. Links include, Diddy's YouTube page,, Ciroc, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other Diddy-based sites. (Woooha)

The album was originally slated for a fall release.

"It's deeper than any of the other stuff I have ever made," Diddy said in an interview earlier this year. "Last Train to Paris comes out in September...T-Pain gave me permission to use the vocoder, the autotune, and he showed me various tricks that nobody knows but him and myself." (All Headline News)

A release date for Last Train to Paris has not yet been announced.

Check out Diddy's latest blog below:

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