News: Chris Brown To Wait For Sentencing, Judge Forces Delay

Wednesday, Aug 5, 2009 9:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Chris Brown's sentencing today (August 5) in a California courtroom over his assault against Rihanna was delayed until later this month after a judge decided to review what his sentence should include.

The re-sentencing will reportedly take place later this month.

Brown was due to be sentenced on Wednesday for assaulting the singer Rihanna, his onetime girlfriend, in February; Mr. Brown, 20, pleaded guilty to felony assault in June, and was expected to receive a sentence of five years probation and six months of community labor. But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg said on Wednesday that she was delaying the sentencing to Aug. 27, to determine whether Mr. Brown could serve the community labor ? along the lines of removing graffiti or cleaning roads ? in his home state of Virginia. (New York Times)

Schnegg also stressed the importance of making sure Brown was required to perform physical labor.

He agreed to serve five years probation, attend classes on domestic violence and perform 180 days of community service, which is expected to take place in his home state of Virginia. Schnegg said she wanted to be assured that Brown would be doing physical work as part of his community service. (Reuters)

Chris Breezy previously released a public apology video to both Rihanna and his fans last month.

"Hi, I'm Chris Brown," he says in the video. "Since February, my attorney has advised me not to speak out even though ever since the incident, I wanted to publicly express my deepest regret and accept full responsibility...I take great pride in being able to exercise self-control and what I did was inexcusable. I'm very sad and very ashamed about what I've done. My mother and my spiritual teachers have taught me way better than that. I have told Rihanna countless times and I'm telling you today that I'm truly truly sorry that I wasn't able to handle the situation better...I've spent a lot time soul searching, and I'm trying to understand what happened and why. No one is more disappointed in me than I am...What I did is unacceptable, 100 percent. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me, please. I hope that others learn from my mistake. I intend to live my life so I am truly worthy of the term role model. Thank you." (Chris Brown TV)

He recently made headlines after appearing on-stage with Lil Wayne earlier this week.

Chris sang "Every Girl" and apparently enjoyed the set as he was seen smiling and dancing energetically alongside the tour's original performers. During the August 2 live gig, Chris did not only sing but also managed to moonwalk when Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean" was played on-stage. To the concertgoers, Weezy shouted, "Ya'll make some noise for the new Michael." (Ace Showbiz)

Chris Brown is due back in court for sentencing on Thursday, August 27th.

Check out footage of Chris Brown appearing in court earlier this year:

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