News: Chamillionaire On Bill O'Reilly's Rap Rants, "I Think There's A Method To His Madness" [Video]

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2009 10:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Chamillionaire recently shared his opinion on controversial television host Bill O'Reilly, who responded to Jay-Z's "Off That" name drop this week, and attempted to explain why the Fox News personality receives so much heat from viewers.

Explaining the reason behind making his 2007 "Hip-Hop Police" music video which stars him as "Bill O'Wildy," the rapper also expressed his feelings towards O'Reilly.

"Bill O'Reilly, no I haven't actually run in to him," Chamillionaire said in an interview. "I don't get him man, I understand, I think there's a method to his madness and the crazy stuff that he says on Fox News. They always say a lot of crazy stuff but I think it's a method behind their madness. They're doing it and they know what they're doing. But [when I made my 'Hip-Hop Police' music video] I felt it was only right. The time for someone to come up and speak on all that crazy stuff that was going on and now, we on to something different. Everyone knows the economy is messed up, instead of beating into people's heads, it's time to uplift and make people feel a little bit better about their situations 'cause everybody is doing bad right now." (Hard Knock TV)

The original music video also took aim at Al Sharpton.

In the two-part, nine-minute video for the songs, Chamillionaire dons makeup to play hip-hop cop Al Sharpless, news anchor Bill O'Wildy (references to critic/activist Al Sharpton and Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly) and news reporter Cashus Burns. He also appears as himself. Hip-Hop Police portrays Sharpless arresting and interrogating Chamillionaire while O'Wildy's newscast details the arrests of other rap stars. Then the video segues into The Evening News, with Chamillionaire struggling to get a word in during a debate with O'Wildy about everything from gas prices and Hurricane Katrina to the war in Iraq and President Bush. (USA Today)

Bad Boy producer Deric "D Dot" Angelettie previously discussed his views on the controversial television host and justified his rants against hip-hop.

"I love it [when he talks hip-hop]," Dot explained in an interview last May. "We need that. We need more Bill O'Reilly's because all that's gonna provide is more answers and more solutions. We ain't always right in hip-hop, I ain't sitting up here saying that hip-hop and rappers, everything we say is law and is actual factual. All I'm saying is that it's an opinion and it has fact in it. And sometimes there's fact with a little opinion. So I can't knock Bill O'Reilly, that's his opinion, go for it, go for yours. And that's also publicity for him. Hip-Hop is generating a lot of money so why wouldn't he attack it? He's a smart white man, why wouldn't he do that? Attack what's hot. Why would he go attack country, rock? Or country music? Why? For what? (RockMe TV)

O'Reilly recently responded to Jay-Z's "Off That" Drake collaboration record this week.

"I just may let you borrow this," Jay raps in the song. "This The Blueprint, n*gga follow this/And if this is what tomorrow is/Welcome to tomorrow b*tch -- Yeah, you still on that/We still making money 'cause we still off that/Same black verse white, we all that/Please tell Bill O'Reilly to fall back/Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls/This 2010, not 1864/Yeah, we came so far so I drive around town, hard top and exhaust -- How's that for a mix/Gotta black president, green presidents/Blueprint to my white iPod/Black diamonds in my Jesus piece, my God..." ("Off That")

Check out Chamillionaire's interview below:

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