News: Busta Rhymes, DJ Whoo Kid, Diddy & More React To Baatin's Death

Sunday, Aug 2, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Busta Rhymes, DJ Whoo Kid, Diddy and more have shared their shocked Twitter reactions to Saturday (August 1) reports of Slum Village co-founder Baatin's death.

Busta paid homage to both the memories of Baatin and the late J. Dilla.

"There is somethin' really strange goin' on in the universe," Busta wrote. "All a these great people that we're loosin' this sh*t is crazy. R I P BAATIN!!! SLUM VILLAGE 4EVER J DILLA AND BAATIN!!!" (Busta Rhymes' Twitter)

Whoo Kid also expressed his initial shock and confusion.

"D*mn!!," Whoo Kid wrote. ""RIP to BAATIN of Slum Village!! F*cked up man!!" (DJ Whoo Kid's Twitter)

Diddy re-Tweeted Amanda Diva's reaction towards learning of the rapper's passing.

"RT @amandadiva: "F*ck this rap sh*t, I'll listen to classical." -Baatin," Diddy wrote. "RIP Baatin!!!" (Diddy's Twitter)

DJ Drama paid homage to Baatin's memory and the Detroit rap group he helped create.

"RIP Baatin....," he wrote. "Slum Village for Life." (DJ Drama's Twitter)

CNN's Nore wrote in call caps to reveal his surprise and disbelief.

WOWW!!!!!!!! R.I.P. BAATIN OF SLUM VILLAGE!!!!! WTF!!!! (via @Williebedott)" (Nore's Twitter)

The rapper's unexpected passing was confirmed by Slum Village's road manager.

Titus (Baatin) Glover, the Detroit rapper who co-founded the much-acclaimed Slum Village, has died. Many details remain unknown at this point, said Hex, the group's road manager. Word of Baatin's passing circulated quickly this afternoon in music circles both locally and nationally, where Slum Village has long been an exalted name in underground hip-hop. (Free Press)

Check out a past interview with Baatin below:

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