News: Bow Wow Preps "Mystery" Announcement, "I'll Come Out Of Hiding When It's Time" [Video]

Tuesday, Aug 11, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bow Wow has released a new "mystery" video which informs fans of a big announcement that he plans to make sometime this week.

Using a coded voice and showing images of an abandoned home, Bow Wow's 47-second video landed online Sunday (August 9).

"People have been wondering where I've been," a voice says on the rapper's YouTube page. "For the past days, I've been here, keeping away from all human contact. Thinking. Strategizing my next move. I'll come out of hiding when it is time. This is a new me. A new look, for now. This is all you see. The mystery continues." (Prince Bow Wow's YouTube Page)

Last month, the rapper informed fans of his indecision to choose which record label he should sign to.

"How many yall think I should sign with atlantic records n get wit T.I.?," he wrote on Sunday (July 19). "Gand hustle homie! Mr kev liles hopefully ill see yall tuesday. Or should I help jd rebuild so so def. Man up become a boss. And sign sum n*ggas that will bring us bk to da so so def yall luv n remember?" (Bow Wow's Twitter)

The rapper's upcoming signing also caught the attention of The Game who previously won in a publicized Madden 2009 footaball challenge against him last year.

"@BOWOW614 I HAD A LAMBO WHEN YOU WAS STILL EATIN PUPPY CHOW DRINKIN THAT BREAST MILK LMAO....," Game wrote Friday (July 17). "IGHT MY N*GGA... HIT ME WHEN U READY. 1 LOVE...@bowwow614 sign to I'mAbUM@madden Records n*gga.!!!" (The Game's Twitter)

Bow Wow, who confirmed his departure from Columbia Records earlier this summer, previously pleaded with his record company to allow him to be released from a contractual obligation.

"I'm going to talk directly into the camera because I know people are probably in the office getting calls saying Bow Wow was on here talking about he wants off Columbia Records," he said in a video. "Everybody in the office at Columbia Records, do me a favor. My fans, they see it. They recognize it. They see you guys ain't working as hard as you guys used to work back in 2000. It's a big difference, they see it...Can you please grant me this one wish? Columbia, can you please grant me this wish and let me go? That's all I'm asking, please let me go. Please, please, please, please, please, please. Thank y'all, I'm out." (Justin TV)

Check out Bow Wow's "Mystery" announcement message below:

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