News: Bobby Creekwater Splits W/ Eminem's Shady Records, "I Couldn't Afford Any More Waiting" [Video]

Friday, Aug 14, 2009 10:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper Bobby Creekwater has announced his departure from Eminem's Shady Records and said the decision was not based on a dispute with the rapper.

Creekwater claimed there was no bad blood between he and Em and explained what forced him to leave Shady.

"We parted ways, it was a business decision," Creekwater revealed in an interview. "Just so you know, labels, in some cases, can choose to be a**holes, hold the artists on the label -- put an artist through a whole bunch of bullsh*t to get free but they didn't. They understood my plight and I appreciate [manager Peter Rosenberg] for that, him and Em...I'm officially off of Shady...Basically it was this, Em, or Shady had to pay some bills. They had released some projects that didn't do as well as they planned or what have you so Em had to go and make that right. In Em making that right, Creekwater would have had to do more waiting and it's one of those things as an artist, you're your first concern...I couldn't afford to do any more waiting. It was the time to move on." (YouTube)

With a roster including 50 Cent and D12, the label previously released artists Stat Quo and Obie Trice last year.

"Shady Records has agreed to allow Obie Trice to pursue his craft in a different forum free from the constraints of the current major label model," Em's manager Paul Rosenberg said in a statement. "Eminem will continue to support and work with Obie on many levels of his career. He remains a close friend and member of the Shady family." (Rap Basement)

Redman previously spoke on the possibility of joining Em's record company if given the opportunity.

"Even like Shady, even to have that idea, or Eminem to even have that idea like thinking Redman was gonna be off Def Jam and he coming through is a privilege," Red explained. "Like, I will leave right now and go over there to Shady. I don't care, 'cause they still doing hip-hop and I love it. Anybody supporting it, I'm there. Big up to Shady though, but I ain't off Def Jam yet, f*ck. But I'm there though. I'm still rockin'. Come get me for a record though, let's make it happen." (Dog & Pony Show)

Creekwater was featured on Em's 2006 release, The Re-Up.

As an unsigned artist, he learned to produce his own beats and manage other tasks that otherwise would be done by a label. This came in handy when a representative of Eminem's Shady Records heard a verse of his on a demo by another artist, Aasim. More interested in Creekwater than Aasim, the label signed him in summer 2005, making the Atlanta rapper Shady's second Southern artist (after Stat Quo). Drawing on those lessons from before, Creekwater didn't rest on his laurels and released the Anthem to the Streets, Vol. 1 mixtape a few months later in order to beef up his profile. The following year, he formally debuted on the Shady mixtape Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, which also featured some of his production skills alongside the work of veterans Eminem and Alchemist. (All Music)

Check out Bobby Creekwater's Shady Records announcement below:

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