News: Big Pun's Wife Fires Back At Fat Joe, "I Didn't Ask Him To Do Anything" [Audio]

Friday, Aug 7, 2009 11:20AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Big Pun's wife, Liza Rios, has fired back at accusations made by Fat Joe, in which he says she has received Pun's fair share of earnings.

Claiming Joey has been misleading listeners after a phone call with radio personalities Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg, Rios called in to give her side of the story.

"I just want to clarify some things," Liza said following Joe's interview. "When Pun passed away, I was lost and sort of crazy, bugging out. Yeah, we didn't have much money after Pun passed, I didn't ask him to do anything. And to this day I didn't ask him to do anything. He said they were gonna do the third album, Endangered Species. The hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousand dollars I received is not so. I could show you in [documents] from Sony, I've only received $125,000 for Endangered Species. Okay, then in 2004, I received one royalty check that shows up from Pun's old lawyers that he said 'Oh my God, I thought you would never see a check.' [I said] 'why you thought I would never see a check?' For almost $15,000, when I cashed it, it was under Foundation Records...The only person who can see or switch anything is Fat Joe. To this day, Sony does not give me any kind of leeway to see anything unless it's Joe that tells them and demands them to see anything. I never told him I wanted to do hair...About me getting a job, I have worked. I survived for ten years plus without any money from Pun and without asking." (Hot 97)

Fat Joe accused Liza of continuously asking him for money upon the rapper's death.

"After Pun passed, we put together an album," Joe explained. "She told me that she was broke. Now mind you, Big Pun made millions and millions of dollars when he was alive. He spent a lot of money...I had no clue that he was broke. She steps to me and says 'Joe, I'm broke, we got no money.' I say, 'well listen, people not gonna feel sorry for you because you're Big Pun's wife forever. I'm gonna get you some money, now what do you do?' So she tells me, 'Uhm, well I like to do hair,' [and I say] 'Why don't you go to school to do hair and maybe you can open up two, three beauty salons and continue to support your family because no one is gonna continue to pay your bills because you're Big Pun's wife.' The point is if I die, I don't expect no one to give my wife five dollars." (Hot 97)

The rapper previously gave an account of the support he provided her in a statement earlier this week.

"Immediately after Puns death I gave Liza Rios the whole advance of the Endangered Species album, NO ONE but Liza made a dollar off that album. I also gave her the total advance from the publishing company that was due to Big Pun...I've never made a dollar off Big Pun since his passing. This was hundreds of thousands of dollars of frivolous spending, after the second payoff I washed my hands. Since then we have been through 6 lawyers, harassment on various radio stations and online mediums every time she needs more money. I also have legal documents stating that NO ONE is making money off of Big Pun...I sympathize with Liza, but I have done already done enough for her. In these economic times we as parents need to be resilient and do what it takes to provide for our own families." (The Life Files)

Rios recently made headlines after explaining how she has struggled since Pun's passing.

"The house I was paying mortgage for was my husband's, wasn't paid out, the five years I was living there before I sold it, I spent over $120,000 just on mortgage," Rios said in an interview. "Then you got the kids, the food, the clothes, legal fees and when there's no money coming in, it's just money coming out." (Ms Drama TV)

Check out both Fat Joe & Liza Rios' interviews below:

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