News: Big L To Show Fans Big Picture In New Doc, "They'll Get To See A Different Side Of Him" [Video]

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 4:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Details about the life of late rapper Lamont "Big L" Coleman will be revealed to fans in an upcoming documentary called Street Struck which is slated to be released later this year and feature appearances by DJ Premier, Jin The MC, Doug E Fresh and more.

The project will reportedly focus on the emcee's rise in hip-hop from his early beginnings in Harlem, New York as a member of rap group Children of the Corn.

Produced by Dangerzone Films, the documentary will chronicle the life of the rapper with his rise in the music scene. It will show his early involvement as part of the group Children of the Corn, which was comprised of Mase, McGruff, Bloodshed and Cam'ron and then as a member of the D.I.T.C. collective. The story of Lamont Coleman will not just be about the rap game as it will feature rare stories and photographs of the fallen rapper which will be told through family, friends and those that associated themselves with him. The documentary will also give exclusive footage of Big L alongside the late Big Pun as they performed together on stage. (Hip Hop Wired)

The film also features multiple cameos and reflections on the rapper by the rapper's mother, close associates and friends.

"He would just battle anybody that came on the block," L's friend E-Cash says in the film's trailer. "I remember when he first started rapping, he was talking about how he was just trying to get in to the music business." (Street Struck)

The director, Jewlz, spoke on the film's aim and what he hoped fans would gain from the project.

"I felt that I'm still gonna do all I can do to try to preserve his memory on film," Jewlz said in an interview. "All those people who may not have gotten exposed to him as an artist, hopefully they'll get to see a different side of him as a person, a son, a brother, a friend, and as a phenomenal artist." (XXL Mag)

Prior to his death in 1999, L gained fame from his association with DITC.

A member of Fat Joe's DITC crew, rapper Big L was born Lamont Coleman on May 30, 1974. He made his solo debut with 1995's Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, scoring a series of underground hits including "No Endz, No Skinz," "Street Struck" and "Da Graveyard"; Big L's best-known effort, the single "Ebonics," followed on his own Flamboyant label in the summer of 1998. On the evening of February 15, 1999, Big L was shot and killed just blocks away from his Harlem home; he was just 24 at the time of his death. Both the DITC album Worldwide and the second Big L solo effort, The Big Picture, followed in 2000. (All Music)

A confirmed release date has not yet been announced.

Check out a preview of Street Struck: The Big L Story below:

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