News: Beanie Sigel Arrested On Drug Possession Charge, Performance Canceled

Monday, Aug 17, 2009 5:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

State Property leader Dwight "Beanie Sigel" Grant was reportedly arrested yesterday (August 16) morning on a drug possession charge while he was traveling to a performance in New Jersey.

The arrest took place Sunday morning when police approached his vehicle at a routine traffic stop.

Dwight Grant, 35, who is known as the rapper Beanie Sigel, was found in possession of under 50 grams of the drug during a 12:44 a.m. traffic stop at the intersection of Fort Dix and Main streets, said Sgt. Julian Castellanos, spokesman for the New Jersey State Police. The driver, Karl S. Dargan, 24, of Philadelphia, and another passenger, Justin S. Gaines, 25, of Westville, Gloucester County, also were charged with marijuana possession of under 50 grams, Castellanos said. Grant, Dargan and Gaines were not believed to be in jail, Castellanos said. On Sunday, Grant was on his way to perform at a private function at Kelly’s Bar on Rexall Avenue, according to a bar employee. The performance was canceled as a result of his arrest, the employee said. (Philly Burbs News)

Aside from his legal issues, the rapper is also prepping the release of his new album, The Broad Street Bully.

Tracklisting: 1. Broad Street Bully 2. All In 3. Shot Em Up 4 .Death Follows Me 5. Phili featuring Freeway & Young Chris 6. Ready For War featuring Freeway & Young Chris 7. Point The Finger featuring Young Chris 8. Get Back To Rap featuring Young Neef 9. I'm Sicker featuring Freeway 10. What Are We Doing Here 11. Going Through The Emotions 12. You Over Did It 13. Why Shouldn't I (Pro Hip Hop)

Early reports showed the project and its cover art being promoted and titled as The Focus last month.

No single? No leaks? No video? No problem! Here's Sigel's artwork and tracklist for his upcoming album, The Focus. I'm willing to forgive Beans for that debacle last go around. But then again, I have less compassion than your average blawga. (Rap Radar)

Beans has kept busy as of late via the mixtape circuit and events throughout Philadelphia.

Sigel, who was one of the first to start running with Jay-Z, and was there when the label exploded with fame will be releasing The Broad Street Bully on September 1. As of late, the Philly rapper has been making his rounds on the mixtape circuit working with the likes of Gillie the Kid, Black DeNiro and even members of his State Property crew making it seem as though Sigel was cooking something up behind closed doors. (Hip Hop Wired)

No further details have been released.

Check out a past Beanie Sigel interview below:

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