News: 88-Keys Wants To Hit A Milli, "I'm Trying To Do Like Weezy Numbers"

Friday, Aug 14, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Kanye West associate 88-Keys recently spoke on his aim to continue making records despite his debut album landing at No. 85 on the Billboard 200 charts last fall.

In addition to wanting the same numbers success as Lil Wayne, Keys also explained the overall benefit of pushing more units and why he hopes to follow J-Dilla's music legacy.

"It feels great to know that the few people that have heard [my debut] feel that way about my music but I'm tryin' to do like Weezy numbers here, I want to go platinum," Keys revealed in an interview. "Just because I'm an independent artist, it doesn't mean I shouldn't try to strive for greatness or go for the gold or the platinum. I'm happy about it, but not satisfied. I'll feel good if I can get a crowd to sing a chorus with me while I'm on stage would be awesome, but if I could get like everybody in the place like the sound engineer or the lighting guy and know like every single word of the songs then I would be really happy...I hope to be a multi-millionaire very soon, be behind or start up a legacy of that of a J-Dilla where he has soldiers, people who are beyond just being fans. So I hope to have people love my music as much as they love his...I recorded The Death of Adam right out of my apartment no vocal booth, Kanye came over to the crib, all my equipment was there, mic in the middle of open space, and he just sat down in a chair and spit his verse." (Q The Question)

Keys previously spoke with SOHH about his album, which sold an estimated 1,700 copies its first week in stores last November, and its concept.

"The entire album is about the power of the punan, if you will," 88-Keys said. "The album follows the story line of my man Adam who passed away and basically how he died. It all started off with him catching a boner one morning, morning wood, and his life starts to spin out of control from there." (SOHH)

Despite a low-selling debut, the rapper still managed to snag popular artists for guest appearances.

Work for the likes of Musiq (Soulchild) and the Pharcyde took the producer to 2008 and his debut full-length, The Death of Adam. Released by the Decon label, the album was executive produced by Kanye West and featured guest shots from Bilal, Little Brother, Kid Cudi and Redman. (All Music)

Keys has over a decade of music history within the rap game.

Over the years, 88-Keys' distinctive brazen beats-meets-atmospheric production have appeared on a number of high-profile works including Blackstar's 1998 underground landmark debut Mos Def and Talib Kweli Are Blackstar ('Thieves In The Night'); the eccentric funk-rock of Macy Gray's 1999 platinum plus How Life Is ('Why Didn't You Call Me' Remix) and Beanie Sigel's 2001 street-praised The Reason ('Watch Your B*tches'). It's such strikingly diverse credits that have made the humble 88-Keys one of the most respected producers in the music game. (Artist Direct)

Check out a recent 88-Keys performance below:

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