News: 50 Cent's Jam Master Jay Doc Release Date Revealed, Trailer Lands Online [Video]

Thursday, Aug 20, 2009 3:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent's upcoming Two Turntables and a Microphone documentary, which features appearances by Jay-Z and Young Jeezy, will reportedly focus on investigating the death of Jam Master Jay.

The film will reportedly land in retail stores around December.

October 30, 2002 - Legendary hip-hop DJ Jason Mizell, aka Jam Master Jay, is gunned down in his Queens studio. Security tapes of the incident mysteriously disappear, the five witnesses are uncooperative and no one is talking...until now. 2 TURNTABLES AND A MICROPHONE documents the investigation of the unsolved murder of Jam Master Jay, RUN DMC's groundbreaking DJ and producer, deftly revealing the history of hip-hop and mainstream rap along the way. Exclusive, candid interviews with Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, RUN-DMC and more offer insight into Jam Master Jay's life - including information that could finally help police solve the murder that shook the music world to its core. Available December 1, 2009. (Amazon)

50 previously said the DVD would accompany his Before I Self Destruct Deluxe Edition upon its release.

"Times are hard," 50 said in a statement. "Everyone is trying to make the most of what they have. I want to give my fans something extra for their hard earned dollars. They'll get a free bonus when the pick up the album." Focusing on 50's late mentor and friend, Run DMC's Jam Master Jay, the 85-minute disc will include appearances from Reverend Run, Russell Simmons, Jay-Z and more. (Rolling Stone)

Mobb Deep's Havoc recently said he provided Fif with a record for the upcoming album.

"I try [to do my best production with 50]," Hav said in an interview last week. "Yeah, I got a record on [Before I Self Destruct.] I wanted a little bit more on there, but the one I got on there is nice. It's just that, you know, crazy for me working with a lot of different artists." (Peter Rosenberg Late Show)

Fif recently explained why his upcoming album has not yet hit shelves despite originally being slated for release last winter.

"My album -- it's perfect, I feel," he explained. "I'm ready. I'm ready to put this album out. I really don't need adjustments. I need a few songs to be finished, mixed. [Dr.] Dre, he drags his feet. He's slow, but it's because he's so creative. He's gonna make sure it's perfect. I'm never mad at it. I understand that process from him. But for me, I kinda go on my gut. Ain't nobody pick 50 Cent records. 'Wanksta' went on its own. They caught up to my records. The only record they launched was 'In Da Club.' When we was all on deck and they launched it. Even going back to the last record -- 'I Get Money' was going at a great pace, then 'Ayo Technology' fell on top of it. I had all of the records that sold the Curtis record laying there the whole time. I was just like, 'I can't put this out until after I've done this.' My core, if they can't expect aggressive content or that content that feels like what's going on for them at the moment from me, then who can they get it from?" (MTV)

Check out the documentary's trailer below:

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