News: 50 Cent NY Concert Sparks Fatal Concerns, "They're Gonna Take A Shot At Him"

Monday, Aug 17, 2009 12:34PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent's upcoming "Family Day" event in his hometown Queens, New York is reportedly being heavily examined and will be patrolled by police after reports of the rapper being a possible shooting target have begun to spread.

According to reports, the event will be heavily guarded for the protection of Fif and the people attending.

The planned appearance has sparked concerns from local authorities, who have recruited an "army of cops" to shut down the area, fearing violence will break out if a shooter takes aim at Jackson. There will be "hundreds" of cops - including officers from special gang units - who will be present. Community Board 12 manager Yvonne Reddick says, "The concern is the [lack of] manpower. That's a lot of people. The park is surrounded by a residential community." (Contact Music)

While 50 may be protected, others are concerned about the well-being of fans and residents.

"Someone's gonna try to make a name for themselves," another worried source added. "They're gonna take a shot at him, and they're either gonna hit him or they're gonna miss him and hit some poor, innocent kid or grandmother." (The New York Post)

New York residents have also spoken on what they believe may happen.

"There's word out there that there's going to be some shootings, Mike Terrients, 15, said. "Some of my friends' parents are saying that they don't want them to go because something is going to happen." Organizers and the Parks Department stressed that Mr. Cent wouldn't actually take the stage, however, his publicist said he would make an appearance. (NBC News)

The event is scheduled to take place at the end of August.

His concert is part of a "Family Day" sponsored by the G-Unity Foundation and the Bette Midler-founded New York Restoration Project, so it promises to be kid friendly. The rapper will host the event on Sunday, August 30th in the schoolyard at PS 40, located in Jamaica, Queens. 50 Cent is set to make an appearance at the neighborhood's "Family Day" on the school grounds around 5:30pm (Cleveland Leader)

Check out a recent Tony Yayo video promoting "Family Day" below:

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