News: Twista's Capitol Debut Projected To Sell 35K First Week

Thursday, Jul 16, 2009 9:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap veteran Twista's Category F5 is reportedly being projected to land within the Top 50 chart next week with estimated sales of around 35,000 sold copies.

Based on one-day projections, Twista's Capitol/EMI debut will likely get off to a slow start in record sales.

Wal-Mart, which has ruled each of the past two weeks with around 200k in sales of Michael Jackson's Number Ones is on target, as of today, to sell about half that number. Kedar/Fontana R&B crooner Joe follows in the 35-40k for his latest, Signature. Capitol speed rapper/toaster Twista is the next highest debut at 30-35k. The market was up 5% over last week, down 1% over the same week last year (even with MJ selling more than 1.1m) and still down 14% year to date. (Hits Daily Double)

The rapper recently spoke on his ability to stay in rap despite low record sales.

"I'm not really with continuing the trend of rating myself with numbers and first weeks and stuff like everybody else does," Twista said in an interview. "I survive no matter what my first week is. I'm still here eating off rap. I don't be focusing on that. I focus on it on the business end; but, on the artistic end I don't focus on it...A 360 deal really didn't fit an artist who already had a fanbase or whose been grinding and has released records. A artist like me or Fat Joe, or somebody like that, it would be more easier for us to make money and to benefit [with] us doing our thing on the independent level." (All Hip Hop)

He also has said he plans to remain in hip-hop for at least another decade.

"2009 and beyond, Twista is gonna keep being the black 'Jason' of rap, I'ma be sitting right here on telling you 10, 15 years later that I'm dropping an album 'cause this ain't sh*t," he said in an interview. "We in the studio and we have fun, I love it. The black 'Jason' of rap 'cause no matter how many times you throw me in that water, shake me up and kill me, I'ma jump up out that motherf*cker." (ThisIs50)

Twista spoke with SOHH earlier this year about the new album and its guest appearances.

"I didn't mean to go that hard," he explained. "It just started happening once I started doing tracks with some of my favorite artists. We got Akon on the album for sure. We got Static Major on the album. We got Kanye West. I got R. Kelly on the album, that's the hometown homie. There's a few more, Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane." (SOHH)

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