News: Tony Yayo On The Game's G-Unit Exit, "He Got Jealous Of 50" [Video]

Friday, Jul 17, 2009 5:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit's Tony Yayo recently spoke on The Game's apology and pointed out the mistakes behind The Black Wall Street leader's war against 50 Cent.

In addition to speaking on Game, the "Talk of New York" also explained the misconception behind his loyalty to 50.

"Now he's thinking about his mistakes," Yayo said about Game's apology. "Game is bipolar. One day he's this way, the next day he's the next...From [Young] Buck and Game, I think they just gotta learn how to control them egos. In their eyes, to me, they got jealous of 50. They'll say, 'Yayo is up under 50's a**.' Or 'He's 50's yes-man.' It's not that -- I don't have any hate in my heart towards anybody. I don't have hate in my heart towards Game or Buck...You're either gonna be down with 50 and be below him a little bit...Or you could go against him and get more publicity. Buck and Game, when they went against 50, they got way more publicity. Way more people wanna interview them and know what the beef's with 50. So they gain more interest than me...If I was to flip on 50 today, it would get me more media than me being down with him." (MTV)

Yayo previously weighed in on Game's apology and said too much time had passed to reflect on what "could" have happened.

"Honestly, it was bugged out to me when n*gga said Yayo, [Lloyd] Banks," Yayo told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. "What he said was real. N*ggas was The Beatles. That's the realest thing he said, like, if me, Fif, Banks, Buck, Game, if we was on our A-game together then we would have still been making money. We making money now but what I'm saying is we wouldn't have allowed nobody to take that number one spot. But it's too late to figure that sh*t out now. What's done is done. N*ggas to me is marked to death. I don't give a f*ck about these n*ggas. At the end of the day, if n*ggas would have just sat there and listened to what 50 said and didn't feel no way, 'cause it's not like 50 was Suge Knight'ing n*ggas over there, it wasn't even like that...If you read the 48 Laws of Power, one of the laws is break away from the group because you get more attention...They actually wanted to be on the same level as 50 and it's hard to get to that level." (This Is 50)

Despite Game's reflections, Black Wall Street associate Nu Jerzey Devil said a rumored G-Unit reunion would never include the rapper.

"Never," Devil said in a phone interview. "Never. I mean, I don't know, I can't speak on them but I know Game won't be a part of it but if they want to do their little G-Unit [reunion] without Game maybe that's something possible. But as far as Game being in it? Never. You know what I mean?" (Champ Magazine)

Game was kicked out of G-Unit around February 2005.

A 24 year-old man who police have identified as Kevin Reed of Compton, California, was hospitalized after a shooting outside the offices of New York radio station Hot 97. Although police have not confirmed many details, a source close to the investigation said the incident occurred at around the time 50 Cent was making an appearance at the radio station to announce the Game had been booted from G-Unit. (SOHH)

Check out Tony Yayo's interview below:

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