News: Tony Yayo Hits The Streets For Hood Challenge, "You Don't See Nas Out Here" [Video]

Thursday, Jul 16, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit's Tony Yayo, in an attempt to make his "hood" presence known, has teamed up with fellow Queens, New York rapper Cormega for a filmed tour through their home borough.

In addition to walking throughout his former neighborhood, the "Talk of New York" announced an upcoming 50 Cent event and his new mixtape dropping tomorrow (July 17).

"Queenbridge, Cormega, tell 'em where we at," Yayo says in the video. "You don't see Nas out here. August 13th, everything free. Come out here. Lamar Odom, Floyd Mayweather is gonna be here. That's how I roll. When you're in the hood you gotta be extra careful. They say I'm never in the hood, well, I'm in the hood. They always say I'm in the hood. I'm in the hood with Cormega and you already know what it is. New mixtape coming out this week, Public Enemies." (ThisIs50)

The rapper also released "A Day in the Life of Tony Yayo" earlier this year which documented his daily habits.

HipHopStan documented a day in the life of Tony Yayo. In this opening scene, Yayo returns to his old stomping grounds of South Side Jamaica Queens! presents a Day in the Life of G-Unit's Tony Yayo. Watch as 50 Cent's right hand man, Tony Yayo takes us through his hood of South Side! "You can ask me whatever you wanna ask me," Yayo says in the video's preview. "I'm surprised you didn't ask me a million Rick Ross questions. That's what everybody else asks. Rick Ross is a fat f*ck though." (Hip Hop Stan)

Yayo previously said he would begin a video blog addressing issues like Rick Ross and members of his entourage.

"Fat Joe don't come to New York," Yayo said in the video's intro earlier this year. "None of y'all n*ggas come to New York...Next blog, I'ma be in Brooklyn. Next blog after that I'ma be in Bronx...It's gonna be a cold summer for y'all...We got bullet proof trucks man, we made for this. I ain't trying to glorify the beef but when n*ggas start talking about [50's son] Marquise and n*gga's moms...I'm tired of this fat n*gga talking about you f*ck models. Name one model you f*cked. You don't look better than me...I'ma start showing my mansions." (Fient Out TV)

Fat Joe also performed a "Hood Challenge" earlier this year in his hometown Bronx, New York.

I live in the hood," Joe said. "I sleep in the hood. I'll sleep in the middle of the f*cking street if you want me to..I'm truly trying to figure this one out...South Bronx, if you want me, send me a request so I can blog with you in your projects. So hit me up on my MySpace., just hit me up for a special request to lay down in your projects...I couldn't believe people were saying I wasn't in the Bronx. This is as real as it get. (World Star Hip Hop)

Check out Tony Yayo and Cormega below:

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