News: T.I. & Grand Hustle Bring "Platinum Life" To Stores

Friday, Jul 31, 2009 5:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. and his Grand Hustle record label have linked with Heatwave Interactive for the upcoming hip-hop video game, Platinum Life.

The partnership was announced early Friday (July 31) morning.

Heatwave Interactive, game studio and online publisher, announced today that Grammy Award-winning artist, T.I. and his company, Grand Hustle Records have signed on to appear in Platinum Life. A new online game set in the world of music and hip-hop, Platinum Life will provide the ultimate interactive entertainment platform for artists to connect with their fans. (PR Newswire)

Heatwave co-founder Anthony Castoro also confirmed the deal.

"Most hip-hop games are about thug life," he said in a statement. "We wanted to do something that is positive about hip-hop and is broader...You choose an icon like T.I. and his manager is going to say, 'Look, we heard about you and that you are a really good performer. If you get enough cred, we will let you open up for T.I., if you are in New York maybe at Madison Square Garden' you have all these missions to do to get that credibility. You can do rap battles. You can go record albums." (USA Today)

The online game will also feature background stories involving the main character and his/her back-up singers.

In the online game, you play the role of an up-and-coming artist. You select a manager, who advises you to get more street cred. That gives you the chance to undertake missions, as if you were playing a conventional game. You can earn cred by doing crowd-pleasing antics at Madison Square Garden. You can develop trademark dance moves and essentially battle for the favor of the audience. Other missions involve bailing out the boyfriend of one of your backup singers so she can get on with the show. You start at dive bars and try to become a superstar. (Venture Beat)

Tip, known for being featured in Def Jam Icon, will also be involved with the upcoming Rapstar video game release this fall.

The demo had eight songs available, with Kanye West's "Golddigger" and T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" amongst them. In terms of presentation, Rapstar's not so different than other karaoke-style games. Lyrics appear on-screen with timed prompts and players are scored according to how their performance matches the track. Other artists included Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Young Jeezy, Biggie Smalls and more. (Crispy Gamer)

Platinum Life will reportedly land on store shelves this winter.

Check out Grand Hustle's DJ Drama giving an update on T.I. below:

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