News: The Game On "R.E.D." Album, "My Flow Is As Raw As Before I Got W/ Dre" [Video]

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2009 5:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Game recently spoke on his forthcoming R.E.D. Album and why the project would give fans a similar vibe reminiscent of his G-Unit/Aftermath debut, The Documentary.

In addition to speaking on the soulful side of the project, Game also hinted at the songs' overall structure and feel.

"The R.E.D. Album is a little soulful," Game said in an interview. "It's crazy because it could be pre-Documentary, and it could be post-R.E.D. Album, like it's early and late. It's early and late, so it's just on time. If you could understand that. It's like I'm raw. Like [on] some of the songs my flow is as raw as before I got with Dre...Then the songs are so big and melodic and so music-filled that you could tell that I've been around for a while...So, you know, that's the vibe and it's soulful, but it's still right where you need it to be. It's not too sample-heavy and not just that soulful where it takes away from what I do, and it isn't gonna bore you or tire you out. This album is going to be incredible, man, and I would say it's going to be my best album." (MTV)

He also said the project could be one of his most lyrical records to date.

"The album will be out later this year," Game said in an interview last week. "I know people say it all the time, this album re-rooted me, took me back to The Documentary days and this might be my hardest-spitting album. Can't wait to finish that, the anticipation level is through the roof. I'ma give the people what they need." (103 Jams)

A portion of Game's studio sessions for the album landed online last month which featured him rhyming over an R&B-laced track.

"Look, riding through New York, Boston Red Sox, uhh, I'm about to kill this sh*t," Game said in a video. "Drop top rose phantom, call it a headshot/Back up in this b*tch like a red dot. About to sell another milli like the n*gga with the dreadlocks/VIP, that's me, call the waitress before I get there/Have a top model chick taste it/Patron fountain...Haters don't want it with the young Don P/From the back of the club to the front with his whole army." (HazeTV)

Aside from his forthcoming LP, Game has been dissing Jay-Z in various videos, interviews and concerts which stems from a freestyle name drop.

"[There should be a committee] because beef now is so corny," Jay said in an interview last week. "It's not really about nothing, I don't know if I said anything to warrant having beef, or if I said anything derogatory about [Game]. If I say I'm not talking about this man, you know, I just said I'm not talking about him. I ain't say anything derogatory about him. So a lot of beefs are either misunderstandings, ego or just stupid or just done for publicity purposes. That could become tiresome. If it's a genuine clash for the top a la Jay-Z and Nas, that's official because we handled it the right way and at the end of the day we ended up working for each other. But a lot of beefs are just frivolous, they lack merit." (DJ Semtex TV)

A release date for The R.E.D. Album has not yet been announced.

Check out The Game's interview below:

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