News: The Game Calls Out Beyonce, "My B*tch Don't Sling P*ssy Like That" [Video]

Friday, Jul 10, 2009 8:52AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Game is continuing his war of words towards Jay-Z while overseas calling out both the rap mogul and his wife, Beyonce, at a concert and dropping "Death of Jay-Z."

Speaking on-stage while in Spain, The Game lashed out against Jay's age and character while rhyming over his "Death of Autotune" version.

"I know y'all been hearing about the controversy between with me and Jay-Z, right," Game asked a crowd in Spain. "So I'ma start it off like this, f*ck Jay-Z! That's how Pac felt. That's how Nas felt at one time and that's how I feel...This ain't about B/This ain't about Destiny...You got a bad b*tch, word, ain't no p*ssy like hers/Just ask the Mavericks, Cowboys and the Spurs/I mean, my b*tch don't sling p*ssy like that/My b*tch sling p*ssy on a n*gga from the back, back, back/Black Wall Street, that's the game I bang/And I'm in Mahdrid, Spain...It go one, two, I'm back for more/Guess who's coming through the motherf*cking door/Spittin' more sh*t than a Crip/N*ggas know Game back on his sh*t." (TayDoe TV)

He has also changed his Twitter name from comptontrash to ihategame showcasing the fans' anger with him as of lately.

"C'MON PEOPLE... LET'S MAKE HATIN GAME A TRENDING TOPIC !!! ANOTHER REASON I HATE MYSELF IS BECAUSE I'M A GREAT DAD & TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS," Game wrote via Twitter. "#ihategame BECAUSE HE KILLED G-UNIT CLOTHING & HE MADE 50 START WEARIN ROCAWEAR AGAIN.......#ihategame RT...... & LET ME KNOW WHY YOU HATE ME ! ihategame because he carryin on Tupac's legacy !!! #ihategame because his 300 bars was CLASSIC !!! #ihategame because he still calls Diddy for advice & gets free Ciroq & Sean John 4 life !!! #ihategame because he holds Lil Weezy down when he comes to Cali ! #ihategame because he hates Jay-Z but his gyrl loves Beyonce' !!!" (The Game's Twitter)

He also resorted to a video blog earlier this week dissing Jay.

"N*gga's talking like Game ain't got no money, f*ck all that," Game said from his pent house. "I ain't never said I'm trying to be Bill Gates, I ain't trying to be Bill Gates. Never said I had more money than Jay, I don't. But you know, I'm doing good...I ain't never said I have more cheese than 50 [Cent]. He got a lot of money, n*gga can't rap better than me, straight up. Now Jay, that's another subject...You can't be getting old on n*ggas like Hov, gotta stay young...Right here, you can't do sh*t unless you got the Jay-Z breath aroma stick candles. Take one of those Jay-Z candle sticks, wave it in the air like that, in the bath, and you too can be Roc-A-Fella...This sh*t right here is d*mn near old as Jay-Z. This bottle here is 50 years old...Jay-Z breath aroma sticks. You gotta get you one of these. It's the Roc-A-Fella-A** aroma sticks." (TayDoeTV)

Game dropped an initial diss at Jay last weekend in France.

"Nah we ain't come to play no games today," Game says in his mini-freestyle. "I'm with this ace of spades and I'ma tell you like this, it's what I got to say/And how I'm coming out today/F*ck Jay-Z...This is a Black Wall Street party, f*ck Jay-Z. F*ck Jay-Z. F*ck Jay-Z. F*ck Jay-Z. F*ck Jay-Z! F*ck Jay-Z! Old a** n*gga. Old a** n*gga. Old a** n*gga. Old a*ss n*gga. Old a** n*gga. All this talk about autotune sh*t, somebody tell Hova to get off his honor's d*ck...F*ck Jay-Z! F*ck Jay-Z!" (Dime Wars)

Check out The Game's on-stage diss below:

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