News: Slaughterhouse's Self-Titled Album Tracklisting Leaks Online

Monday, Jul 27, 2009 10:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The tracklisting for Slaughterhouse's self-titled debut has leaked online and shows guest appearances by Fatman Scoop, Novel, Pharoahe Monch and more.

Laced with 15 records in total, according to the listing, the group's debut will also feature a few skits.

Slaughterhouse debut album tracklisting: "Sound Off," "Lyrical Murderers" featuring K. Young, "Microphone," "Not Tonight," "The One" featuring The New Royales, "In The Mind Of Madness (skit)", "Cuckoo," "The Phone Call (skit)," "Onslaught 2" featuring Fatman Scoop, "The Phone Call 2 (skit)," "Salute" featuring Pharoahe Monch, "Pray (It's A Shame)," "Cut You Loose," "Rain Drops" featuring Novel and "Killaz" featuring Melanie Rutherford and C. Brown. (2DopeBoyz)

Joe Budden, who represents a fourth of the group which consists of Joell Ortiz, Crooked I and Royce Da 5'9, recently said the project would contain a subliminal Method Man diss which was created pre-truce.

As we all know on Sunday (July 19), Meth and Mouse took a walk in the bushes and came away with a cease fire agreement. The next day, Joe went on his blog TV channel and amongst other chatter, mentioned that he feels bad that he forgot to inform Meth that he had a line in a Slaughterhouse song on the album that dissed him. He made it sound like it was more a sublim than an all out jab. He stated he wished he could change it given that he and Meth had just had a great private convo but it was too late. The album has already been delivered, pressed and mastered. Because of that fact, he said clear as day, he would reach out to Meth and give him the heads up. (Rap Radar)

Royce previously explained why his rap group and album are different than most others within hip-hop.

"Slaughterhouse is classic," Royce said in an interview. "It's what you expect from Slaughterhouse and then some. We actually making records. I don't think a lot of people can say that. They're expecting lyrics from the jump. First thing they're gonna want to hear is lyrics. You're going get that front to back. But you're also going to get great songwriting, great song structures, great feel, all the group members show versatility with this album. Everyone just stepped up. I'm really proud of everybody." (The Boom Box)

Crooked I spoke with SOHH last month about the album's due date and why music outweighs profits for the collective rap squad.

"It's in concrete, August 11th," he said. "This is what we need at this time period in hip-hop. This project is what we need. It ain't all about the money. If we doing sh*t for money then I'd probably have a number one ringtone right now. I do it for the love. I do it for the passion. I do it for the art form. That's something that the fans should appreciate even more, the fact that we are willing to sacrifice the money to come and do a group in this economy and it's four of us. It's not for the money man." (SOHH)

Slaughterhouse is due in stores Tuesday, August 11th via E1 Music.

Check out slaughterhouse as they talk about their album delay:

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