News: Raekwon Announces "OB4CL2" Debut Single Countdown, "I Ain't Expecting Everybody To Like Anything" [Video]

Sunday, Jul 19, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon has announced the release of his Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 official first single within the next two weeks.

Promising the record would drop in ten days, Raekwon said he was ready for both positive and negative feedback from fans.

"We gonna be dropping the motherf*cking single, I'm telling y'all now, look at me," he said in a video. "We dropping the single in approximately ten days. Ten days from now...You like the song, it's all good. You don't like it, that's all good too. I ain't expecting everybody to like anything and everything, just keep it real with yourself. But at the end of the day, I feel good about it. I feel good about the movement, I feel good about that y'all able to get this motherf*cking record and yo man, just visualize the audio man." (IceWaterTV)

Rae recently promised fans Ghostface Killah, who played a prominent role in the original disc, would also contribute to the album's follow-up.

"This is me going back without a record deal," Raekwon described in an interview with Angie Martinez. "I ain't care about the radio, I ain't care about none of that. All I cared about was giving y'all something that I felt was from the heart and putting together that poisonous production. We got an all-star production crew on it. We got RZA, we got Dre, we got Pete Rock, we got Marley Marl, we got Erick Sermon, we got Alchemist. They all wanted to get down...We got them all to come in, make a robot to challenge RZA's production. So these dudes are like another Voltron that came together on the production tip...They made me go back to straight up Champion hoody and dirty Timbs again...Ghost is on there, he did what he had to do for me. He's still doing his thing over there with the Def Jam thing so we had to fix a few things so he could -- that's corny to me, but like, I gotta respect it because I know when Wu-Tang first came into the game, we all said we were gonna go do our own dolo thing." (Hot 97)

The project's artwork spread online earlier this month which showed both Wu members together.

Yay! Raekwon and his brother Dom Perrion sent over an exclusive look at the cover of the album I've been anticipating for a very long time -- Only Built for Cuban Linx Part II. And in a hat tip to all the Purple-tape-Purists out there, Rae enlisted Ghostface and the original OB4CL cover photographer Danny Hastings to recreate the classic for the new sequel. Nice! (Miss Info)

Originally slated to drop next month, Raekwon confirmed his new LP being pushed back to September in a recent interview.

"Peace yall just seen the last visual of the Walk wit me video and its classic," he wrote Monday (July 6). "will be giving ya a teaser real soon! In the booth just recording some new records ya know i might drop 3lps before this yrs out i got to catch up But its bout OB4CL2 RIGHT NOW! Im just putting myself back where i belong! And that on Top! Yea but who heard bout that Mef, GHOST & RAE ALBUM, wht ya think bout that! ... Sept 8, the album will be out, but im on my way to nyc im shooting 2 more videos this week yall im doing this album for the fans!" (Raekwon's Twitter)

Check out Raekwon's announcement below:

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