News: Papoose Gives Remy Ma Update, "I Visit Her Every Other Day" [Audio]

Monday, Jul 13, 2009 8:56AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Papoose recently confirmed his marriage to incarcerated rapper Remy Ma and gave an update on her son and offered his views on the lack of male support for women in prison.

In addition to speaking on Remy, Pap also denied recent reports by the New York Post that claimed he incited gang fights while performing for inmates.

"Remy, she's maintaining and she's getting through it," Pap explained in an interview with Jenny Boom Boom. "I visit her every other day at this point and kids want autographs from both of us. In the beginning I was there everyday, but I got a lot of things to maintain out here so I'm there every other day. Yup [we're married.]...[The wedding] was the best it could possibly be. It's something that I'm proud of and we're gonna stick by each other...Her son is good money, he's maintaining. He goes to see her from time to time...We're just teaching him the right things, letting him know his mother is gonna be out here soon...Dudes really don't hold females down when it comes to these situations. Real people do real things, I do it from the heart...[The Rikers Island rumors] is the New York Post once again taking shots at me. I mean it's true I went there to do a show, I went to Rikers Island before for an inmate, when I went there, it was smooth, the inmates had a good time, nothing happened...I would have been arrested if that happened." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

The Post recently reported on Pap sparking a prison "war" which reportedly began from a 2006 concert.

Correction officials are looking into why supervisors -- including jail warden and fan Emmanuel Bailey -- allowed Brooklyn rapper Papoose to do a nearly two-hour show at the lockup on May 30, 2006, sources said. There were eight slashings and stabbings at the George Motchan Detention Center in the months after the show, when Papoose's jailed rival ordered attacks on the rapper's imprisoned pals. Papoose, 30, has a longstanding feud with Dough Boy, 28, an ex-Bloods gang leader whose real name is Miguel Jeffrey. (New York Post)

He made headlines last year after being accused of trying to plan a jail escape for Remy.

Papoose, who denied any type of motive of planning to break out his wife to be, barked at reporters "I don't walk to talk, get out of my face. You all write racist articles." Remy Ma, who will now have to wait until she's moved into maximum security at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County to wed her lyrical finance, will be entitled to conjugal visits once the two tie the knot. (BET)

Remy recently inked a letter from behind bars which addressed her living conditions.

"I rarely listen to the radio because it's sort of depressing," Remy wrote in a letter. "Not being able to record is stressful not because I'm a rapper but because that was my way of venting and expressing myself. So I write a lot! So much that now I have a callous on my finger from holding a pen...Not being able to go somewhere when you want, see your family when you want (on many occasions when you need to), can't use the phone, take a shower, wear clothes, or even eat when you want - super aggravating. Whenever, which is almost everyday I get visits, a lot of kids ask for autographs. It's something that I used to do almost everyday but now it actually feels weird, I really feel like an inmate...Everyone in prison isn't innocent but everyone in prison isn't guilty. So whether you end up here on purpose or by accident, the pain you're feeling is still the same. And I can quote a lot 'gangsters' by saying that 'I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.'" (Global Grind)

Check out Papoose's interview with Jenny Boom Boom below:

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