News: Nelly Plots Comeback & Premieres New Album, "This Is My First Time Being Able To Rock This Sh*t"

Wednesday, Jul 8, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

St. Lunatics leader Nelly performed new music and announced his upcoming album at a show in Las Vegas earlier this week.

While the project's title is still unknown, Nelly told a crowd of fans about his new records and explained why he has decided to record music in Vegas.

"I want to try some new sh** from my new album," he said, noting, "This is my first time being able to rock this sh*t." He performed two new songs: the yet-to-be-released first single, '1000 Stacks,' and an uncharacteristically vocal ballad dubbed 'Angel Eyes.' "The new album is sounding incredible," he smiled. "It comes out in November so be checkin' for it....I've been here for about a month...Recording in Vegas is always a good influence, especially the type of music I do...especially when you're doing a lot of party music and a lot of uplifting music and trying to, you know, get people the right spirits...It's going to be a lot of energy. I think they'll get a real understanding of what it's like to be in my position, so to speak, as far as having to start over and grind your way back to a position where a lot of people thought that you would never leave. I might be working on something with Janet [Jackson] and a few things like that, so we'll see what happens." (Las Vegas Sun)

He previously announced plans to launch a variety show called "Nelly's Night in Vegas" earlier this year.

"Nelly's Night in Vegas," a weekly talkshow-variety hybrid series, would feature Nelly performing and interacting with other celebrities. 25/7's Dave Broome is set to executive produce along with Nelly and "The Daily Show" co-creator Madeleine Smithberg. (Entertainment Weekly)

Nelly said the program would aim to generate interest from a younger audience.

"I was thinking about what was missing on TV, and when this idea came about, it made sense for me," Nelly said in a statement. "We do have talk shows, but no one's speaking from the pop culture perspective. Let's get a little more pop, a little more edge, a little bit younger, and not look like you're sitting in the principal's office. As a performer, that's the type of show you look forward to going on." (Gossip Rocks)

The rapper's last album was 2008's Brass Knuckes.

Release date delays and hype that just doesn't pan out are nothing new or rare in the world of urban music, but Nelly's 2008 release could be the quintessential result. Fitting squarely in the middle of the "troubled album" spectrum, Brass Knuckles is neither a disaster nor a brilliant mistake. It's an album where the forgettable lows marginalize the towering highs, while the feeling that something is missing covers it all. (All Music)

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