News: Nas Confirms Baby's Birth W/ Kelis, "My Son Is Born Today" [Video]

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2009 10:04AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Nas has confirmed yesterday's reports of his estranged wife Kelis going into labor to give birth to their first child together and revealed the baby's name.

Speaking from his hometown Queens, New York, Nasty Nas announced the birth of his first son.

"In my hood, Queensbridge Projects," Nas said in a video. "Yo, yo, my son is born today. So shout-out to my son Knight...Eh, my son's name is Knight. That's what I named the young God, Knight. Y'all heard it here first. Don't believe nothing in the media. But I love y'all, don't listen to none of the bullsh*t. I love you, that's why I'm here." (Video Music Box)

Kelis was reportedly in labor yesterday (July 21) while Nas rushed to be by her side.

TMZ has learned the singer is currently in labor, about to deliver a brand new baby boy. The two were scheduled to battle over expenses. She says he's paid nothin claims he's paid some. Nas' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, just told us Nas is in New York for the birth of the baby and he is now "rushing to the hospital to be with her." (TMZ)

The estranged couple have been recently arguing over child support payments which Kelis claims she has not fully been receiving.

"Divorce in April 2009. He has provided me with only a $350 check and $2,500 in gift cards since that date approximately three months ago," a court document reads. "I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 14th day of July, 2009, at New York, New York. Kelis Rogers." (Rap Radar)

Kelis filed child support paperwork against Nas earlier this year.

Kelis, expected to deliver their first child next month, said in a court filing she wants her soon-to-be ex-husband to give her $20,000 a month for baby supplies. The "Bossy" singer said a baby nurse, nanny and other staff, as well as strollers, cribs and other baby supplies for homes in Los Angeles and New York, cost money. Kelis, 29, who grew up in Harlem, said she hasn't toured in more than a year and relies on Nas, 35, to maintain her lifestyle. (New York Daily News)

Check out Nas celebrating his son's birth below:

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