News: Maino Accepts Blame For Lil Cease Beef, "I Probably Provoked The Whole Situation" [Video]

Monday, Jul 13, 2009 11:25AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Maino has broken his silence on his past beef with Lil Cease and publicly admitted to being partially responsible for sparking their differences, which led to a physical altercation.

In addition to recalling his issues with Cease, Maino also said his loyalty towards fellow Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim played a role in their 2006 situation.

"When I had a problem with them other dudes years ago, I used to be down with Kim," Maino explained in an interview. "That was an a** beating to the fifth degree. And even with that, these certain things people highlight throughout my career but also at the same time I want them to think about the music I'm putting out right now...You inviting me to your penis on DVDs and sh*t like that...To be honest with you, I probably provoked the whole situation. And as I look back on it, and I probably never even admitted it in another interview, but I think I ignited the whole situation, I sided with Kim for one. I'm just a loyal n*gga. And then I said some things about him that would make him say sh*t about me. So I kinda opened up that door...I opened the door for him to say things about me and I didn't like it because I felt we weren't equal. I felt like in the hood, every n*gga that come from the hood is not equal...I kinda take some of the blame on that situation." (Vlad TV)

Cease said his issues with Maino were put to rest in an interview with Angela Yee earlier this year.

"Big up to Maino, you know," Cease said. "We kicked it through our situation. So you know, yeah [we worked it out]. We were on the [Notorious] set together, you know what I mean? But even before that, we saw each other at the BET Awards. we still in the same neighborhood." (Lip Service)

Maino previously spoke on his 2006 fight with Cease in past interviews.

"Lil Cease got punished," he said. "There was no fight, his manager got punished, they got disciplined, and that's on my word on the blood of my son. Both of them got punished, but I am not gonna say too much, cause we are dealing with people's lawyers and all that, but them boys got disciplined." (Street Space)

Cease shared a different account of the altercation.

"It wasn't nothing, dawg," Cease -- fresh from a 17-day stretch on New York's Rikers Island for possession of marijuana, resisting arrest and probation violation -- explained. "N*ggas seen each other, we had problems, it was real personal. I saw him on his strip...I was going to the liquor store, the n*gga approached me, took off his chain, we start scrappin'. We fought, nobody jumped in, nobody got jumped." (MTV)

Check out Maino's interview speaking on Lil Cease below:

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