Exclusive: Ludacris Gets A Whiff Of Carmelo Anthony's Tag Challenge "Carmelo's Fragrance Probably Smells Like His Foot"

Wednesday, Jul 15, 2009 3:05PM

Written by Danica Dow

Ludacris takes shots at Carmelo Anthony's Tag body spray and explains why his new Signature Series is a slam dunk over Anthony's.

Ludacris' cologne quality scent, Get Yours, will launch later this month.

"They approached us saying that there was an opportunity where i could design a can and endorse a fragrance. It's something that is unchartered territory for me so I was definitely interested and then once they talked about a charity that's my soft spot. I''m definitely a fan of the brand and I wanted to help make history with them. (SOHH)

Basketball star Carmelo Anthony and professional skateboarder/"Rob and Big" star Rob Dyrdek are also launching Signature Scents.

"Whoever's can sells more will go to the charity of their choice," Luda told SOHH. "Of course, you already know who is going to sell the most. There is no competition. I'm sure Carmelo's fragrance compared to mine probably smells like his foot. Rob's fragrance compared to mine probably smells like Big." (SOHH)

This week a song that Ludacris wrote for Dr. Dre's highly anticipated Detox album recently leaked on the internet.

Luda is back with a new track and the crazy thing about it is it's a Dr. Dre Detox reference track. It's called "OG's Theme" and it's fire, no lie Luda should do more tracks like these. Looks like Dre is looking at the south for help as you can re-call the shit load of tracks by T.I. for Dre. Since it leaked I doubt Dre will use it but at least we have it now. (Tha Cartel Cartel)

Ludacris is currently preparing to drop his collaborative album with Shawnna.

"It's as simple as this, you got Ludacris, you got Shawnna," Luda said. "It's what the people have been waiting for. Battle of the Sexes album is coming this summer. We droppin' a leak single, it's called 'Everybody Drunk As F*ck,' and then after that 'My Chick Bad.' Get ready for it, it's never been done before. An album with the female and male perspective battling out every single song. Ludacris. Shawnna. Can't nobody get down like we get down." (DTP TV)

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