News: Ludacris Explains Dr. Dre "Detox" Ghostwriting, "I Wrote A Couple Of Records"

Thursday, Jul 30, 2009 1:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris recently spoke on ghostwriting for Dr. Dre's Detox album and his reaction to "O.G.'s Theme" leaking online earlier this month.

Confirming "O.G." was prepared for the Doc, Luda also said he wrote additional tracks for the long-delayed project.

"It was for Dre," Luda confirmed in an interview. "I wrote it for Dre...It was supposed to be for Detox, but I don?t know since it got leaked. I don?t know if it's gonna get used...I wrote a couple records and that was one of them." (Rap-Up)

Luda previously wrote via Twitter and responded to fans' reactions to the leaked record.

"RT: LUDACRIS - "OG'S THEME" (REFERENCE FOR DR DRE'S DETOX) IS PRODUCED BY@JCARDIM!!! Not sure how this leaked," he wrote. "RT: it's funny hearing you rap as dre.. sick track dude.(via@jrobinsonn) Ha! It was fun trying. RT: song written for dre has actually been the best joint written for Dre that has leaked for detox.. (via @prsvr) Appreciated." (Ludacris' Twitter)

The Dre reference song is the latest music which may appear on Detox.

"With 30 mil sold, where's the f*cking gratitude," Luda raps in Dre's voice. "I see all these little BG's/Mean muggin' on the screen trying to be me/I'm much more than 6-4's/Gun talk, weed smoke and sick h*es/That's why most of them have come and went/I just re-coupe, re-create and re-invent/N*gga welcome to the West Coast/We the home of the jackers and the best smoke/And ain't no n*gga better than/Doc Dre, I'm a 20 year veteran..." ("OG's Theme")

Dre has also reportedly linked with West Coast rapper Slim da Mobster for help on the project.

"I'm not even focused on my album right now," Slim said in an interview. "I'm all about his album. 'Cause the better I do on that, the better it is for the situation with my album." After getting the co-signs from the big homies Dre and Eminem, 50 Cent was the next to jump on-board behind the young rapper. Now, Slim Da Mobster is the first artist signed to all three artists, representing G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath. (MTV)

A release date for Detox has not yet been confirmed.

Listen to Ludacris' "O.G.'s Theme" below:

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