News: Lil Wayne Slapped W/ $432K Lawsuit For No-Show, Manager Reponds

Friday, Jul 10, 2009 11:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter has reportedly been sued for an estimated $432,000 over a missed performance in the Bahamas last fall.

Red City Entertainment filed the lawsuit on Thursday (July 9).

The company claims it fronted $432,000 for a Wayne concert appearance in the Bahamas. On September 27, 2008, there were plenty of lights and cameras...but no action. In the lawsuit filed today, Red City claims it gave Wayne a $210,000 advance. The balance is for his hotel expenses and various costs involved in throwing the failed concert. (TMZ)

The rapper was allegedly found unconscious at his hotel on the night of the concert.

"This was targeted as a showcase for Lil' Wayne," said Glenn Gitomer, a lawyer for the New Jersey promotions company. "Then police found him intoxicated in his hotel room...It was a great expense just to accommodate him." (New York Daily News)

Weezy's manager Cortez Bryant has addressed the suit's claims.

"Our show was set for September 26th last year," Bryant said in a statement. "We arrived on time, ready to perform and learned that due to lack of payment from the promoters. The sound company they had hired packed up and left the venue before Wayne was scheduled to hit the stage. So they were forced to cancel the show. On those grounds, at that moment, they were in breach of contract and forfeited their deposit." (All Hip Hop)

In addition, Wayne reportedly agreed to re-schedule the event for another date.

Wayne apparently agreed to reschedule the show on the next day, his birthday, but that was contingent on the promoters' promise to ensure that all arrangements were up to a certain standard. But when Bryant came to inspect the venue, he told Red City that Wayne wasn't coming because they "didn't have their setup to a contracted standard for the second time in a row." (All Headline News)

No further information on the lawsuit has been released.

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