News: Lil Boosie Weighs In On Rap Beefs, "Hell No I Don't Think That's Good, It Leads To Somebody Getting Hurt" [Video]

Tuesday, Jul 14, 2009 11:35AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

As rap beefs take a more prominent role in the media, Lil Boosie has shared his opinions on the popular trend and explained the side effects of going head first to a rap battle.

In addition to speaking on beefs, Boosie also updated fans on his legal cases.

"I'm fighting a couple charges," Boosie explained in an interview. "My aggravated assault charge, it's finna get threw out. Dude not pressing charges. I'm fighting another possession of marijuana and gun charge, I'm at that right now. They got me with a P.O, I ain't smoked in about six months...I'm just going through legal battles right now but it just makes me stronger as far as my music...I don't really feel [beefs] because once it's beef, it's beef. I think they got something further than the record, it's just going to the record. I don't really think that's good for the industry because of the Pac and Biggie situation. If I had that problem, it's gonna be a problem. It's gonna be a problem for the next label, it's gonna be a lot of problems. Hell no I don't think that's good 'cause it leads to somebody getting hurt. I ain't really with the competitive emcee, I don't feel like people supposed to jump in my lane because I rap about life, I ain't rap about nobody, nobody style, so when I feel like somebody coming at me, it's disrespectful. I'ma lay down law behind mine, it's gonna get ugly." (Smack Tube)

Busta Rhymes previously offered his take on rap "beefs" and how violence can easily become involved.

"When it's to the street, it ain't about the rhymes anymore," Busta said in an interview last February. "It's about poppin' somebody's head off and compromising somebody's well-being...Motherf*ckers need to start understanding that as far as hip-hop...a lot of the sh*t we're seeing, people might call it real beef but it ain't real beef until it get in the street. A lot of this sh*t is entertainment...Until it becomes real beef, it ain't real beef. It's just a lot of motherf*ckers outwitting each other." (Miss Info TV)

Joe Budden recently said he was searching for Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck to initially physically confront him over the weekend based on an on-stage taunt.

"I'm not gonna beat anybody up," Joe promised on his live stream. "I'm saying that was my first initial reaction to hearing he did that dumb sh*t on stage which lets me know how much of a f*cking coward he is because we were on the stage and then get got off the stage roaming around...Then you go on stage and say that dumb sh*t, all the fans leave 'cause nobody supports that dumb sh*t and then you go hide somewhere like a f*cking f*ggot. Yeah he f*cking hid because I looked for him...There was no scuffle, no fight, I didn't even talk to Raekwon. I just went looking for n*ggas...But then I left because I'm making too much money to sacrifice it for beating him up. At the end of the day, it's not worth beating him up." (YouTube)

Boosie was arrested last April for aggravated second degree battery charges.

Sheriff's officials say when Boosie and a few others showed up at the house, there was some sort of a confrontation about a man stealing one of Boosie's necklaces. We're told that's when a fight broke out. Fists and possibly even a vase were used in the fight. One man was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. (WAFB News)

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