News: Remaining BMF Member Arrested After Two-Year Run

Monday, Jul 20, 2009 10:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The alleged final member of famed criminal organization the Black Mafia Family (BMF) has been arrested after reportedly being on the run for two years.

The arrest took place last Thursday (July 16) morning in Georgia.

Federal agents found another member of the Black Mafia Family, the last member who is not now in prison, U.S. Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force reported Friday. Vernon Marcus Coleman -- who had several aliases such as Jason Stevenson Parkinson and WU -- was picked up Thursday morning at a north Atlanta apartment. He was indicted more than two years ago on a federal charge of possession with the intent to distribute cocaine. Coleman also was wanted in Douglas County for failing to appear in court on a traffic charge. (AJC)

 He was reportedly on the run for just over two years.

According to investigators, Coleman had been on the run for two years. An arrest warrant was issued for Coleman July 10, 2007 for possession with the intent to distribute cocaine. Coleman was wanted in Douglas County for failure to appear for traffic offenses. Coleman is an alleged member of the crime ring known as the Black Mafia Family or BMF. Coleman is also a rapper who goes by the name WU and is associated with The Life Records, The Illustrious (ILL) Family, and B-EZ Entertainment. (My Fox Atlanta)

Atlanta-based rapper Young Jeezy, a known associate of BMF leaders, was once identified as a conspirator.

Testimony offered yesterday (June 12, 2008) in the federal government's cocaine-conspiracy case against alleged Black Mafia Family member Fleming "Ill" Daniels revealed a stunning allegation: According to a witness, Atlanta hip-hop superstar Jay "Young Jeezy" Jenkins received kilos of cocaine from BMF...The allegation was raised in U.S. District Court in Atlanta this week by a BMF member named Ralph "Ralphie" Simms. Simms was indicted last year in a related federal drug case in L.A. He told the jury that in exchange for his truthful testimony in the case against Daniels, he hoped to receive a reduced sentence.(Creative Loafing)

Aside from Jeezy's many references in music--and Jay-Z's "Death of Autotune" shout out--the BMF organization has been reportedly quieted on the streets.

One thing is certain: The crew is, for all intents and purposes, dismantled. BMF no longer supplies Atlanta with the vast majority of cocaine that finds its way to the city's streets -- a distinction it once enjoyed. And BMF no longer has the capacity to dispatch hundreds of kilos (hidden in the secret compartments of limousines) across the country every month, or to spend lot of money in the clubs while simultaneously causing a drought of Cristal. (Creative Loafing)

Last October, a large proportion of the men involved with BMF were sentenced to time behind bars.

Nine members of famed criminal organization the Black Mafia Family (BMF) were sentenced to prison time in Atlanta yesterday (October 29) for their role in the massive cocaine and crack distribution throughout the nation's biggest cities. Requesting U.S. District Judge Orinda Evans for enrollment in an intensive drug program in prison to help reduce their time, along with apologizing to the families they have affected, the group were given their terms for over nine hours in court. (SOHH)

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