News: Killer Mike Calls Out 50 Cent & Jay-Z, "N*ggas Who Got Millions Talking About Bringing Sh*t Back" [Video]

Friday, Jul 3, 2009 10:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grand Hustle's Killer Mike has called out both 50 Cent and Jay-Z for their recent attempts to spark a "return" to hardcore hip-hop and said he has already paved the way.

While claiming he has respect for rappers like Jay, Mike explained why he should be credited for maintaining hip-hop's hardcore feel as of recently.

"I don't wanna hear none of that bullsh*t from none of the n*ggas," Mike said in an interview. "I dropped I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II last year. If you wanna hear hardcore hip-hop, go to the store, go get I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II...I don't wanna hear that bullsh*t, these n*ggas who got millions of dollars talking about bringing sh*t back. They ain't bringing sh*t back. It's here -- you looking at it....Buy me...When that Killer Mike drops, hardcore hip-hop will be back for the second, third time. You know, the same guy that said 'rap is dead' three years before Nas said it. I'm here. F*ck with me. Jay dropped 'D.O.A.' and everybody went crazy. And I love Jay. A week before that, I dropped 'Man Up.' Go listen to that song and go listen to 'D.O.A.'" (MTV)

50 recently said his War Angel mixtape would pave the way for hardcore hip-hop's return.

"I think it will change [rappers' direction] when they see the public respond to it in a positive way that'll actually allow them to be creative in different areas again and just do what they want," Fif explained. "It's all by example. When Get Rich Or Die Tryin' came out, everything shifted, because they watching it be the largest debuting album to date. 822,000 copies the first week and then another 800,000 copies the next week, they go, 'Ah man, that's what I wanna do.' And then the other artists start doing their version of 50 Cent, we don't want that but we want them to be able to write their actual story or what they see going on around them." (This Is 50)

Jay explained his motivation behind "Death of Autotune" last month.

"I'm just saying, let's move it forward," Jay said in a phone interview. "The guys who did it, did it great. If you listen to T-Pain, like you know, he does great melodies. You listen to Kanye [West], if you listen to 'Say You Will' or 'Heartbreak,' great melodies. 'Lollipop' was a fantastic melody. Now everybody can't do it, let them guys do it, they got their lil' niche. Now lets move on... My intention was just to draw a line in the sand, 'this is what I do.'" (Miss Info)

Other rappers including Slim Thug have been inspired by Jay's "D.O.A." record.

"I'm really just out there like not giving a f*ck.," Slim explained in an interview. "So it's gonna be hard for me to find a decent single that could actually go on the radio. Sh*t like Jay-Z's "D.O.A" sh*t, I feel him on that. N*ggas is too soft right now. It's all about the girls. It ain't used to be like that. It used to be about everything else, the streets. And that's what it's about with me. I'm just trying to keep that sh*t alive." (Vibe)

Check out Killer Mike's interview below:

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