News: Joe Budden's "No Comment" Leaks Online, "Don't Ask Me Who I'm Talking About"

Friday, Jul 24, 2009 3:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden

A new Joe Budden track called "No Comment" has landed online and appears to be a diss track directed towards an unnamed rapper.

The track features Joey making references to an artist with "legend" status.

"Since the world don't revolve around me/Hoody on, revolver on me/I'm the wrong one you wanna amp...My life should be sold as a movie...Rappers saying my name like it's a right tactic/Jackson 5 but he might get a casket/Let the fans gas you, tell you you nice/Might be a legend in rap but failure in life/On the real, I don't think these dudes are spectacular/Pretty Ricky thugs...I don't mind the beef, I walk around free/How they talk about you when they talk about me...So I'm supposed to put n*ggas on a pedestal/For rapping about a bunch of bullsh*t that they don't never do/You look stupid when you go there/Say I'm only hot online when you ain't heatin' up nowhere...In his interviews saying I'm asking for a hearse/But a couple months back he was asking for a verse...Don't ask me who I'm talking to, don't ask me who I'm talking about. I ain't talking about nobody." ("No Comment")

The song was reportedly played during a Budden BlogTV broadcast.

This was ripped from Joe Budden's BlogTV session from yesterday, so apologies to Joe if he didn't wanna put out this song just yet or if it was supposed to stay in the can, but everyone should hear this. He's talking about you know who. (Nah Right)

Joey recently revealed his Slaughterhouse self-titled debut next month would contain a subliminal diss going at Method Man which was planted pre-truce.

As we all know on Sunday (July 19), Meth and Mouse took a walk in the bushes and came away with a cease fire agreement. The next day, Joe went on his blog TV channel and amongst other chatter, mentioned that he feels bad that he forgot to inform Meth that he had a line in a Slaughterhouse song on the album that dissed him. He made it sound like it was more a sublim than an all out jab. He stated he wished he could change it given that he and Meth had just had a great private convo but it was too late. The album has already been delivered, pressed and mastered. Because of that fact, he said clear as day, he would reach out to Meth and give him the heads up. (Rap Radar)

Budden previously spoke with radio personality Angela Yee about talking face-to-face with Mef.

"Yeah, me and Mef went, we walked out by the poison ivy and f*cking grass, we had a nice conversation," Budden revealed. "And you gotta do that 'cause often at times as artists, you communicate through the media and that can never be good. So we saw each other, we spoke about it like men, that sh*t is a done deal. That sh*t is over with...Me and Mef, we had mutual respect for one another, which is why the whole sh*t I did seemed a bit awkward. But nah, everything was cool." (Angela Yee Rumors)

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